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Review Trust

Review Trust

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  • It automatically integrates with the top 13 shopping carts and eCom platforms
  • Once it collects audio, video, or text, it lets you sort and display as you wish
  • It takes just minutes of your time a day
  • You can even offer an “ethical bribe!”
  • Use it for your business or use help your clients

Review Trust is a power cloud based app that automatically collects and displays reviews and testimonials for you.

Review Trust Overview

What Is Review Trust?

I want you to think back 25 years ago.

When a friend or acquaintance purchased a product or service, they would tell people over the phone, in person or via mail (the pen and paper kind, not the email kind) about their experience if they hated it or loved it.

Sound right?

Fast forward 25 years later, and now complete strangers from all around the world share their experiences to help them make more educated decisions on their purchase.

In fact, according to Search Engine Journal, 63% of consumers stated they are MORE likely to purchase something that has a product review or rating.

So the question today is – how are YOU collecting and displaying reviews and testimonials in YOUR online business?

Today, I’m excited to show you one of the most unique products to hit the market: Review Trust.

Review Trust is a powerful way to collect and review testimonials and reviews for your website, landing pages, or eCommerce stores.

It is a powerful cloud based all that helps you 2X your sales and 12X your consumer trust by automating the entire process of collecting and displaying reviews and testimonials on your site.

And it connects directly to your favorite shopping cart or eCom platform PLUS it displays on your site in 12 unique ways.

Review Trust review and bonus - Review Trust

CrownReviews - Review Trial

How Does Review Trust Work?

Special Features of Review Trust:

  • It automatically integrates with the top 13 shopping carts and eCom platforms
  • It will automatically contact your customers for you on your behalf and collects their review or testimonial.
  • Once it collects audio, video, or text, it lets you sort and display as you wish
  • It takes just minutes of your time a day
  • You can even offer an “ethical bribe!”
  • You can display it in 10 unique ways on your site by copying 1 line of code!
  • Use it for your business or use help your clients.
  • And so much more

How It Works:

Step 1: You connect Review Trust to your shopping cart

Step 2: You copy and paste 1 line of code on your website to display these reviews in 10 unique ways

Step 3: You simply approve or deny each one

CrownReviews - Trial Pack

Who Should Use Review Trust?

Regardless if you’re a digital marketer or eCommerce owner, Review Trust will automatically integrate with your favorite shopping cart or eCommerce platform, contact, collect text, video, or audio, and display it on your site.

All done with one line of code and requires you to simply approve or decline.

Why Should You Get Review Trust Now?

Let me ask you a real quick question…

How are you collecting, organizing, and displaying reviews and testimonials on your website or eCommerce store?

Chances are you’re doing this:

  1. A customer purchases your product, service, or fills their email on a lead form.
  2. You have someone email them, contact them via social media, or call.
  3. IF you reach them, you ask for feedback, write it all down.
  4. Next, you have to collect a picture, video, or audio from them and upload it to your site.
  5. Then, you need to give to your designer or take the time to organize and display it.
  6. Last you do this over and over again.

Sound about right? Not only is this time consuming but INEFFICIENT in your business.

However, by getting Review Trust, it takes that entire tedious 6 steps displayed above, and automates it for you.

From automatically collecting the reviews and testimonials in text, audio, or video, to helping you sort and displaying it on your website or eCommerce store.

All you have to do is approve which ones you want displayed and how.

Oh – and something I really liked – you get EVERYTHING up front. There is no upgrades, upsells, or “one time offers” with Review Trust.

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Right now, you can get Review Trust at a very low special pricing deal, with NO upsells, upgrades, or one time offers.

And you can use it for yourself or your clients.

This special pricing was limited to 7 day period and today is the FINAL day.

So if you’re ready to 12X your consumer trust while doubling your sales. all by adding 1 line of code to your website or eCommerce store.

Then grab Review Trust here.

You’re going to LOVE it.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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