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Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.7 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.9 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • Find the right prospects without research
  • Get the Financial Security you deserve
  • Set up hassle-free strategy calls and consultations in one click
  • Effortlessly track your sales process
  • Become an instant authority in the eyes of your clients

Scopeleads finds, develops, tracks and connects you with leads and prospects who are actually in need of your services.

This isn’t some dodgy lead scraper that goes to Google and sucks up every lead it can find.

Seen them, bought them, used them, HATE them.

Scope finds only the leads that want your service.

Only want leads that need SEO? Just hit “SEO Lacking” and you will only get leads who need a better rank.

Are you more comfortable with Social Media? Choose “Social Lacking” instead and you are instantly presented with leads who need some Facebook and Twitter Skill.

And not only that… you will have ALL their available contact info. Email, address, phone number, social accounts… all on a silver platter.

ScopeLeads Overview

What is ScopeLeads?

What’s the most valuable thing you can have if you’re trying to sell to offline


The more leads you have, the better your business does.

Here’s how you find so many you’ll never be short again:

So I’ve got a confession.

What I just wrote up there? It’s a lie.

Because let’s face it – in the age of Google, finding leads isn’t that hard.

Finding leads who actually need your services is the trick.

Stop trying to get *more* leads. What you need is BETTER leads.
(And preferably, MORE better leads)

You need leads that are qualified. Ones where you don’t have to spend ages working them only to find you’re selling ice to eskimos.
So how do you trawl through all Google’s dirt to find that bit of gold?

You use ScopeLeads: 

ScopeLeads doesn’t just find you leads.

It uses a proprietary algorithm to work out which leads actually NEED the services
you’re offering.

And then, it makes it incredibly easy to get in touch and follow up. Simply load up your e-mails and you can let them fly on autopilot.

Not only that -unlike other lead-finding tools, there’s no caps. You get unlimited searches and unlimited campaigns.

But there’s some bad news here too.

Right now, ScopeLeads is sitting at a one-time price point.

You might think that’s good news, and you’d be right. The bad news is that this

price isn’t lasting very long. A few days, tops.

So check it out right now so you can get in while the deal’s running.

ScopeLeads Review and Bonus - ScopeLeads
How Does ScopeLeads Work?

Special Features of ScopeLeads:

ScopeLeads is something entirely different from any lead management too you have ever seen,

It gives you the best leads and ONLY the best leads

And that’s just the start:

Find the right prospects without research: Push a button and let ScopeLeads go to work. (In less than 5 minutes you will have a list of the hottest prospects available to you, complete with full contact details, web and social media details).

Get the Financial Security you deserve: How much you charge new clients is up to you… but here is a heads up… the beauty of working with people who need you and value you, is they are prepared to pay you handsomely for your time….

Set up hassle-free strategy calls and consultations in one click: send and save emails for easy one click communications, simply select your future client from the list scope gives you, choose your email and press send

Effortlessly track your sales process: ScopeLeads gives you the power to be as busy or as free as you choose to be… but thanks to ScopeLeads’ CRM, what it never lets you do is lose track of your clients and leads.

Become an instant authority in the eyes of your clients: First impressions count, and with ScopeLeads making a good one, is easy. You can see in a glance what your lead is lacking, so tell them how it is, suggest some key improvements, and watch your authority and your retainer grow instantly.

Own a successful Business: how will it feel to tell your friends you have just landed your firnst $1500 client? (Awesome)

Grow your business faster than ever: with Scopeleads fighting your corner, you will never be without a ready supply of the HOTTEST prospects… which means one of the biggest hurdles to your business growth has just been removed for good.

No more awkward Sales Calls: showing people who have demonstrated a need for SEO and Social Media how to make their marketing better isn’t cold calling. It’s good business.

Never miss a lead: ScopeLeads local search options lets you restrict your targeting to a single country, state, or even a single city – so every lead will be one you can follow, and not located 25 miles north east of NUUK.

Zero learning curve: ScopeLeads doesn’t have a learning curve, because there is nothing to learn. Log into your dashboard, type in your keywords. Click a button or two, That’s about it!!!

Spend more time on what matters: with a business that lets you set your own hours, travel at will and charge what you are worth… you have got far more say over how your days unfold. So take the next sunny morning to yourself? Take the day! Need a holiday? Go for it.

That’s where most common Variety lead tools stop… but ScopeLeads is just warming up.

Check out what ScopeLeads does next with these powerful prospect pulling features…

Targeted search Algorithms: Scopeleads uses location specific searches to only serve up local leads in need of your services. These searches are performed using safe, secure and trusted algorithms to pull the most relevant leads in less time than it takes you to eat a breakfast bagel.

Unlimited searches and campaigns: ScopeLeads won’t cap your searches. It won’t get you banned from Google. You can use it to generate as many leads you can handle as many times as you like.

People event use it to produce mammoth lists of leads that can be outsourced to a salesperson to close for you. Whatever you want to do, ScopeLeads won’t stand in your way.

Personalized email marketing: This is where ScopeLeads gets really intelligent and makes your business easier than you can probably imagine right now…

Once you have your leads, and their contact detains and you know what each lead is lacking. The system fives you the option to send out automated marketing emails with custom merge fields, to connect with your new prospects and worm them up for a consultation or strategy call.

Connect, track, and close with ScopeLeads CRM: Everything you do with your lead from the moment Scopeleads brings it will be tracked for you by the build in CRM. See at a glance how many emails you have sent how many emails are opened and which link have been clicked. There’s no need for an expensive second service to tell you what’s working and what need fixing… it’s all right there inside your dashboard.

Clean, easy, powerful dashboard: track opens, clicks and spot check sales with powerful sales analytic inside your dashboard. See how individual campaigns are performing. Check on individual leads. Control everything instantly, with absolute ease.

Easy data export: Your clients and your prospects are your most important assets and ScopeLeads make exporting all their data to CSV as easy as clicking a button, this also lets you quickly transition between online marketing and direct mail and physical marketing.

Location Specific Results: Scopeleads lets you set up campaigns and keep all your results in specific geographical areas. So if you want to keep your leads separated for country, state and hometown, (for any town for that matter), you can, just enter your location of choice and you are done.

How it works:

Scope leads is so simple, even a school kid could generate dozens of red hot leads in a couple of clicks.

And you can doit all in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Enter your keyword and location

Step 2: Choose whether you’re looking for businesses that need social media or SEO help

Step 3: Hit Search

And that’s it. Your part is done.

ScopeLeads will serve up the details of all the leads in your niche, which need what you’re selling.

Who Should Use ScopeLeads

ScopeLeads helps build your business whether you are a grizzled veteran or a wide eyes newbie.

ScopeLeads is more than a handy bit of software…

It’s also the key to a brand new business. One that you can start today. Without any experience or training.

If you have got skills to offer a client, or you have a team of people ready to do the work, ScopeLeads can put you in touch with hundreds of “ The right clients” – in minutes.

And when a single client could be worth as much as $1500 you could easily outsource the work and still rake in a tidy profit.

If you are new to offline consulting:

ScopeLeads will load you up with the easiest prospects and the simplest jobs to get you started. These prospects already know they’re your need help, so you don’t even have to worryu about selling… you are preaching to the choir.

If you have got some experience:

Scopeleads simplifies your entire operation and makes finding, attracting and signing new clients and long term retainers easier than ever… ScopeLeads’ client acquisition, email marketing and CRM are everything you need to spend more time focusing on making money,., and less time finding people to give it to you.

If you are an affiliate or direct mail specialist:

ScopeLeads is “leads, leads and more leads”. All legitimate, never bought, they’re as fresh as the morning dew.

Why should you Get ScopeLeads Now?

This is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen for anyone trying to sell to offline
business. Use it, and you can:

  • Find the right prospects without any researc
  • Get financial security: some users charge $1500/month for their services
  • Effortlessly track your sales process
  • Become an instant authority
  • Own a successful business
  • Spend more time on what really matters, because it’s a business you can do in
    your own time and set your own hours.


I know, this all sounds a bit too good to be true. But when you see it, you’ll
see just why I’m so excited:

But remember, this ScopeLeads deal is ending in just a couple of days.


It’s a pretty big package and a stupid-cheap price. But only for another day or so.

If you don’t grab it now, you’ll have missed out on the best deal you’ll ever see on
this truly awesome app.

So look.

You don’t have to grab this.

But if you don’t, you’re going to regret it the next time you start hunting leads and
have to do all the research yourself.

(And you’ll regret it even more after you’ve done the research and have to do all your
outreach manually)

To be honest, for the amount asked, if you think there’s even a chance this is
something you’re going to want to do in the future it’s worth a look.

Take a look using the link below, and grab it while you can…




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