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  • Drag-drop 'Incentive' And 'Thank-You' Page Builder
  • Shopify And Woocommerce Approved
  • Review Moderation Dashboard
  • Works For Any Type Of Store
  • Create Fully Customizable Review Widgets With Social-Proof Elements

ShopiRater is a powerful tool that pulls real reviews, engages customers with your brand, and sends free, targeted traffic on autopilot.

ShopiRater Overview

  • Homepage: ShopiRater Official Site
  • Product Name: ShopiRater
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Ben Murray
  • Target niche: A powerful system that can help you automatically flood your store with viral email traffic and authentic, real reviews to get immediate traffic and sales to your store. ShopiRater will automatically chase down your customers for you and offer them a strong incentive to leave a review so you get more reviews, on total autopilot, and turn your store into a trusted authority and sales converting machine that puts money in your pocketlike clockwork.
  • Official Price: $47

What Is ShopiRater?

Everyone knows that no matter how great your product is, without lots of legitimate reviews and free referral traffic you can count on, your store will struggle to convert and grow and you will get left behind.

It’s true, without real reviews, people who are engaged in your brand, and people actively sharing your products on their own… you won’t be able to make sustainable sales for the longterm.

However, getting a stream of continous, perpetual traffic and lots of initial reviews is not an easy task and normally takes a long time to get off the ground.

That is the reason why ShopiRater is created.

ShopiRater is a powerful app that can help you automatically flood your store with viral email traffic and authentic, real reviews to get immediate traffic and sales to your store.

The software will follow your customers for you on autopilot and offer them a strong incentive to leave a review. As a result, you will get more reviews and make your store become a trusted authority and sales converting system.

Moreover, ShopiRater automatically asks each satidfied reviewer to share the product with their friends for an extra incentive. The meaning of this act is to drive free traffic to your store. You will get instant social proof with a lot of real looking reviews, and the tool drives viral email referral traffic for more sales without you having to do anything.

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How Does ShopiRater Work?

Special Features of ShopiRater:

Run Brand-new, “Incentive Based” Review
Gathering Campaigns That Drive Traffic

Run automated campaigns to previous buyers of any product that showcase ‘incentives’ such as bonuses, coupons, free products, and more that add value on a landing page in exchange for a review. Then, follow up with the reviewers with an additional incentive for them to share it through email with friends to get free traffic.

Drag-drop ‘Incentive’ And ‘Thank-You’ Page Builder

Use their drag+drop page builder (or connect any third party builder such as ClickFunnels) to build beautiful incentive pages to turn visitors into positive reviews or download pages.

Shopify And Woocommerce Approved

The producers are working together with Shopify to ensure this software is ready for the long haul and avoid the chance of being taken down from their store.

Review Moderation Dashboard

Check out every review that comes to make sure there is nothing negative or slanderous published on your store. Moreover, doing this enables you to easily reach out and identify any customers that had a bad experience with your store.

Create Autoresponder Sequences
And Follow-Ups For To Get More Traffic And Sales

ShopiRater can follow-up multiple times with the people who didn’t click a link or leave a review. It lets you recommend relevant products to generate more income by email, and you can follow up with those who DID leave a review and ask them to share the page with friends.

Use Shopify Simple SMTP or Connect Your Own
– No Autoresponder Fees

Thanks to this feature, now there is no need for you to pay for an external autoresponder. You are allowed to use Shopify’s built-in emailer or even connect your own like your webhost or SendGrid for great inboxing with ShopiRater.

Works For Any Type Of Store

No matter what you do, from dropshipping, selling your own physical products, or running an Amazon affiliate store, the software will follow up with your customers to get you those sales—boosting reviews and free referrals on autopilot.

Create Fully Customizable Review Widgets
With Social-Proof Elements

Reviewers are able to include images or videos of themselves by utilizing the software and show their real name and picture for amazing social proof and you can use these information in your advertising. You can also fully customize every review widget including adding FAQs like Amazon, customize the color scheme, add thumbs-up, thumbs-down features, etc.

Auto-bonus Delivery And Customizable
‘Download’ Pages For Real Action-Takers

The software lets you customize your bonus download page to provide not only the free bonus, but offer the opportunity for users to engage more deeply in your brand or check out a relevant product to buy.

Run ‘Perpetual Traffic’ Campaigns
That Bring In Free Traffic You Can Count On

Shopirater comes with a viral email share campaign feature that encourages users to share the product they bought via email with their friends using an easy to use submission widget.

Plus, you can add extra incentives for them to share the product with friends that will get delivered to them if the app detects they correctly entered their friends real emails.

Import Or Export Existing Reviews

ShopiRater allows you to one — click import reviews in seconds, even if those reviews are on completely different ecommerce platforms.

Verified Reviews Tag And Social Proof Elements

Each approved ShopiRater review includes a ‘Verified Review by ShopiRater’ tag — proving that these reviews are real, to further boost trust and sales. Also, reviewers can put in images or videos of themselves using your product which can boost conversions and drive traffic for advertising.

Detailed And Meaningful Stats

Detailed stats and analytics shows you which review incentive campaigns are working and which are not — including clickthrough rates, open rates, and more.

Add FAQ Features To Boost Conversions

Now you can run your very own automatic FAQ section to increase sales with common FAQs for a specific product in your store. The creators enables you to increase conversions and explode your sales with objection—killing FAQ’s that are an essential part of every successful online store.

24/7 Support

ShopiRater is easy to install and use, but if you need any support, they are ready to help 24/7.

How It Works:

You can simply run the software by following these 5 straightforward steps.

Step 1: You need to connect ShopiRater to your store and select to run a standard campaign, incentivized campaign that provides a reward for a review, or incentivized campaign with viral share ability that will also pull referral traffic and receiving reviews.

Step 2: After that, you will select what products you want this campaign to apply to, when the email should go out after the purchase of buyers, and customize your emails. Select to add follow-up reminder emails or emails for relevant products in your store as well as customize your viral share email (or the email that will ask buyers to share their review for an extra bonus/incentive).

Step 3: Design your incentive pages with their DFY templates, drag+drop builder, or you can connect a third party page builder such as LeadPages. This is where you’ll showcase your incentive for receiving a review.

Step 4: Next, you will customize the download page/viral-share page that will provide users their promised gift, but also ask them to refer the page through email to friends for an additional incentive using a special widget.

Step 5: Finally, you can customize the final thank-you/download page, press submit, as well as witness the reviews plus traffic start to pour in on autopilot! Plus, use this final thank you page to help buyers engage more deeply with your brand as well as download their gift.

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Why Should You Get ShopiRater Now?

ShopiRater drives traffic to your stores and fills them with social-proof backed reviews faster than any other method.

It’s more cheaper as you won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for complicated software with pointless features. In fact, ShopiRater 1.0 is all yours for a one-time investment today.

Moreover, the software is very straightforward and easy. You won’t have to go through any complex installations or steep learning curves.

And unlike other review apps, ShopiRater is based on what really works to get you more traffic and sales. You can automatically incentivize customers to leave a review. You can make it easy for customers to share their review and your product by email.

All you have to do is just paste one simple line of code into your store and start automatically ramping up your reviews, providing more value to your customers, and transform their reviews into free referral traffic.

Now let’s see what others have to say about ShopiRater

“Shopirator is one genius product! The concept of incentivised reviews is amazing and it is increasing the sales of my store by increasing the trust & authenticity by having real genuine reviews. Plus the Viral Referral system on top of it is like icing on the cake as other people would be more likely to buy because of the recommendation from an authentic source. Overall a real quality product, I am excited to use keep using Shopirator.”

Saurabh B.

“ShopiRater is one powerful app. Customers are simply too busy to drop what they are doing, leave a great review, and refer your store to all their friends. ShopiRater does this all for you, really cool.”

Brad Stephens

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They want you to be successful right out of the gate with this system, therefore when you get ShopiRater today, you get these special bonuses absolutely FREE!

Exclusive Bonuses From ShopiRater:

If you’re brand new to create ecommerce or affiliate stores, they will help you succeed and profit from this by letting you get access to an eCom store training for a limited time called…

eCom Legacy

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This is a multi-module, step-by-step training that teaches you how to find a profitable niche, set up your store, and profit for the long term. You’ll be learning the foundations to create an amazing store, locate quality products, and profit and develop your first store for the long term.

Inside this training course, you’ll discover:

  • What types of eCom store niches and ideas are working best right now
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  • 4 methods to start immediatly sending targeting, relevant traffic to your store
  • Their ‘blueocean’ strategy to make your store seem unique and stand out, even if it’s selling the same stuff as 100s of other stores
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  • Whether dropshipping, wholesaling, or unique product creation is the best today
  • How to know with 100% certainty you have a winning store idea before you even sell one product
  • How to run a simple PPC campaign that grows your store with just $5 spent per day

Unlimited Reseller Rights to ViralMobilio

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Unlimited Resellers Rights to Traffic Fresh

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Whitelabel Rights to MaxShop Theme

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Whitelabel Rights to Cooked Super Powered Recipe Builder

The perfect software with Shopirater, this lets users submit their own unique recipes on total autopilot to your blog. Have users submit unique recipes right to your site you can then use that 100% unique content to help grow your WooCommerce affiliate site.

The food niche is the most viral today online, and this is the perfect software to tap into that.

Niche Video Cloud w/ Giveaway Rights
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This special training will dive into how to really find untapped affiliate niche and eCom opportunities.

You’ll learn how to do sophisticated market research to validate with cold hard data from places like, SEMRush, iSpionage, & others.

Shopify Training Suite

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Get all these products to help kickstart your Shopify and ecom stores faster!

How About Making MORE Money With Shopify Every Month?

Learn how to set up your first Shopify store and turn it into a hands-free business you love with this video series training!

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Start a Shopify Business With Absolutely No Experience!

Brand new to eCom and not sure where to turn?

Dive into this training first which will walk you through creating your first Shopify store from scratch and everything you need to do to make sure it’s a success!

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Simple and Easy Methods to Attract Your Prospects Effectively Without Spending Top Dollars for Advertisement!

Shopify Traffic is a series of training course where it will teach you how to generate traffic to your Shopify e-store with effective methods and platform with personal experience and culmination of producer’s research together with years of studies.

Whitelabel and Sourcecode Rights to AkBooster

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Agency Rights to Wp eMatico Traffic Puller

WPeMatico is a very easy to use autoblogging plugin that pulls content from feeds of your choice, and curates it for you! Organized into campaigns, it publishes your posts automatically from the RSS/Atom feeds of your choice.

This plugin offers you a nice interface following the WordPress standards that allows you to manage in every campaign all the feeds you import. In order to make your site more user-friendly, you can fetch contents from multiple feeds and arrange them according to categories.

Whitelabel Rights to eCom Gift Wrapper

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  • Create a simple gift wrap option form on the cart and/or checkout page, or go all out with robust gift wrapping offerings
  • Set individual prices, descriptions, and images for wrapping types
  • Show or hide wrap images in cart
  • Static or modal view of giftwrap options on cart page
  • Get notice of the customer’s intended gift wrap message by email order notification and on the order page
  • Fully CSS-tagged for your customizing pleasure.

Whitelabel Rights to LeadBook

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Leverage the power of Facebook to grow your mailing list… without the high cost of advertising or 3rd party apps!

If you are a series digital marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger or online entrepreneur, building a list should be one of your best asset to build online.

Yes, the money is in the list and whether you believe it or not, email list building is still a numbers game. And, using Facebook Leads Ads + this plugin can double or triple your leads growth fast.

Reseller Rights to Viral Click

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Secret, plug-and-play WP Plugin will unleash an unstoppable tsunami of visitors straight to your blog and the best part is that you only need a few clicks of your mouse to generate this kind of insane traffic!

WP Viral Click is a WordPress plugin built to help you automatically generate contents for your site from an external web page.

Furthermore, you can customize the page by adding custom elements like modals, info bars and slide ins to promote user engagement to your offers.


Can you afford to let another visitor bounce from your store without buying?

For me, it doesn’t make any sense if you keep wasting your time and money to send traffic to a store that doesn’t convert.

With ShopiRater, you just need to paste a single line of code into your store, set up your campaign, and then step back and watch the software do all the work driving traffic and making sales.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

If you are interested in the product, please click the link below. In case it is not working, it means we are updating it, and we will make it function as soon as possible for you, so please, check it constantly in your most convenient time.

By checking and purchasing the product through our link, you don’t have to spend any extra fee or anything, and we will have some commission to build our review site to provide you more and more honest reviews. Moreover, we will be glad to give you a huge bonus package (free of charge) with every product buying from our link.