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SocialVid InstaPortfolio

SocialVid InstaPortfolio

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

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Customer support - Turn around the time

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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  • 1-Click Installation.
  • Zero coding.
  • Facebook App Integration.
  • No extra/ Hidden fees.
  • 100% Mobile friendly.

The ultimate, Social Video Marketing System to Quickly and Easily create STUNNING, SocialVid Marketing InstaPortfolio Sales Sites to dominate Social + Video in 60 SECONDS FLAT

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus


  • Homepage: SocialVid InstaPortfolio Official Site
  • Product Name: Socialvid InstaPortfolio 
  • Type of Product: WordPress theme
  • Authors: Neil Bosley & Jian Bacallan
  • Target niche: Social Media & Video Marketing & Lead Generation Combination, Powerful All-in-One Facebook & Video Marketing
  • Official Price: $27
  • Special Discount: 40%-Discount (Limited)
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Social Media and Video are the top sales driver in the $52 billion information Market.

90% of customers say that seeing a product sals video helpful in their decision process, yet virtually zero local businesses combine Video Marketing with Facebook.

Insta-sell $1,000+ SocialVid services to websites and marketers who process millions but have no idea how to integrate video into Facebook Newfeed or as a FB Vid App.

Local businesses NEED Social Video

All Local Marketers Sell Social or Video

But NONE FUSE the 2 together

So Let’s Create A “SocialVid” Sales Empire With:

>>> SocialVid InstaPortfolio <<<


Using this SocialVid Sales System, you can insta-close Social Video deals for a minimum of $1,000+

SocialVid InstaPortfolio is a WordPress theme that aim to give local social media and video consultants the perfect Social Video Portfolio tool for all their Social Media and Video Service.


1. Full Facebook Integration

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus


Add YOUR SocialVid InstaPortfolio to FB for cheaper FB Ad Clicks to Drive Sales Directly within Facebook.

2. Mobile Optimized InstaPortfolio

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Business and Potential Customers on-the-go can buy your social video marketing services on their Mobile Phone

3. Social Integration & Google Maps

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Social features drive virality through the roof and Video Features increase engagement leading to more video deals for you.

4. FB Vid App InstaPortfolio Demo Tool

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Convert prospects instantly when your past client FB Vid App InstaPop as leads hover their mouse over the famous “InstaPortfolio”.

5. Deploy SocialVid InstaPortfolio in 60 seconds

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Install your InstaPortfolio and hook it up with your PayPal TODAY so you can start creating a passive income system immediately.

6. Run InstaPortfolio from Facebook

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Create a SocialVid InstaPortfolio Facebook App to leverage the viral aspect of Facebook and drive current Facebook fans, groups or ads directly to your Sales System.

7. Done-For-You Copy & Graphics

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

We masterfully craft the copy and graphics in-house to position you as a 6 figure Social Video Marketer with the entire system.,

If you want to charge premiums of $1,000,$2,000 or $5,000 for your Social Video Services you need to look the part and with our system you build client trust instantly.

8. Unlimited Upsell Potential

Once a prospect buys Social Video Services from you, it’s easy to analyze their mobile, SEO and other online campaigns.

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

They don’t have them?

Upsell opportunity for you to create them!

Their site isn’t mobile-optimized for their video?

Upsell opportunity for you to create one.



#1 – One-Click Install the System

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

The system takes less than 60 seconds to deploy.

Once you have it installed all the done-for-you portfolio items, graphics, high-converting copy and eye-popping SocialVid InstaPortfolio are automatically apart of your Social Video Sales System.

#2 – Integrate your PayPal

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Quickly change 1 setting to integrate your PayPal account.

This absolutely critical if you want to actually process sales from rabid customers hungry for your Social Video services and have the money be directly deposited into your PayPal account.

#3 – Create Passive Income System

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

Business owners always want result and pay top dollar when you’re positions as a 6 figure Video Creator with SocialVid InstaPortfolio.

Business and marketers can buy directly from your site after you integrate your PayPal in step #2. It’s hassle free system to minimize client calls and  allow direct purchases of your Social Video Services through its optimized sales funnel!


SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

1. Unlimited income potential

SocialVid InstaPortfolio’s theme is a done-for-you solution for your customers who have already bought Social Media and video product.

Look, one of the factors why some of your customers don’t have success with their products is that they just don’t have the means to sell their product.

SocialVid InstaPortfolio answer that!

With SocialVid InstaPortfolio’s features, setting these up is an absolute breeze and your customer can build a monthly recurring revenue stream with their social video products and this awesome portfolio theme!

2. Tried and tested by real people, making $1,000s !

When one of your customers buy SocialVid InstaPortfolio, they will know how to easily turn the system into the profit making machine.

It’s literally what they need – it’s a proven system for both online and offline.

This has been tried and tested by the previous customers and the entire SqueezeMobi community who have used this products to make $1,000s of dollars.

3. Hot Social + Video Launch

Video is hot but combining FB + Video puts conversion on steroids.

This is the new trend that you need to be on the forefront of and that is exactly what we are doing by introducing this revolutionary done-for-you business-in-a-box.


SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus

SUM IT UP…SocialVid InstaPortfolio has All features you NEED:

SocialVid InstaPortfolio review and bonus


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