Stop Motion Xpress – A Collection Of High-End And High-Quality Stop Motion Clips For Marketers To Capture More People’s Attention


Stop Motion Xpress

Stop Motion Xpress

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  • 50 high-quality stop motion clips
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • MP4 formats
  • Compatible with the most common video creation tools
  • Deliver your message or show a process in just a few seconds

Stop Motion Xpress is a collection of eye-catching stop motion clips

Stop Motion Xpress Overview

What Is Stop Motion Xpress?

Videos are now everywhere, and it’s rather hard to get attention from your target audience if you’re just using the usual kind of videos. While it was rather easy to capture people’s attention a few years ago using any videos, that’s no longer the case today.

In addition, everyone now tends to use videos, so you have to find ways to show unique videos. Aside from that, people’s span of attention these days is very short, so you only have a few seconds to get them see your content and tell your message fast.

And that is, creating stop motion videos is not easy at all! In fact, it can take an entire day to prepare and shoot for just a few second stop motion clip.

Understanding that, Cham Altatis and Chayne Moling has created a product to help people work it out.

Introducing: Stop Motion Xpress

Stop Motion Xpress is a collection of stunning and high-quality Stop Motion Clips that you can use to capture people’s attention as fast as possible and avail of your product or service.

Stop Motion Xpress review and bonus - Stop Motion Xpress

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How Does Stop Motion Xpress Work?

Special Features of Stop Motion Xpress:

When obtaining Stop Motion Videos, a collection of ready-made stop motion clips, you are able to use or modify if you wish and you can also use any video editing tool.

Here are some of the benefits of this collection you can get:

  • This includes 50 high-quality stop motion clips
  • All of these clips come in Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution
  • In MP4 formats
  • Compatible with the most common video creation tools such as VideoMakerFX, Video Builder, Powerpoint, Videoshop, Camtasia, Explandio,

Let’s look at what you can get inside:

Stop Motion Xpress review and bonus - Stop Motion Xpress

Stop Motion Xpress review and bonus - Stop Motion Xpress

Why Should You Get Stop Motion Xpress Now?

Video Marketing is changing. The magic that any video does a few years ago no longer really works today. There are too already too many videos posted every single minute. People’s attention span is becoming shorter and shorter nowadays.

Do you know that the first 10 seconds is everything because 20% of people who watch videos will close the video within the first 10 seconds and then the video reaches 30 seconds about one-third of the original viewers won’t be watching anymore. By one minute, 45% of viewers are gone.

This is why you need to make your video as short as possible if you want to get more viewers and engagements. With Stop Motion Xpress, you can make these people to:

  • Capture people’s attention fast
  • Turn cold audience into warm interested buyers
  • Make your promo videos look more interesting by adding stop motion as B-rolls
  • Deliver your message or show a process in just a few seconds

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