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Stream Store

Stream Store

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • Unlimited Products
  • Constant Connection
  • Unlock Commissions
  • Create Your Network
  • Build Authority

Stream Store allows you to instantly set up profit pulling Amazon stores in seconds and then create viral posts that will automatically get sent out to the 6 leading social media channels to promote your store.

Stream Store Overview

What is Stream Store?

Would you invest 10 seconds of your time if it would allow you to begin making money on Amazon… on autopilot… until you decided you don’t want to make any more money?

Of course you would!

And as unbelievable as it sounds…

That’s exactly what you would need to do with a revolutionary new technology called Stream Store.

Stream Store allows you to instantly set up profit pulling Amazon stores in seconds and then create viral posts that will automatically get sent out to the 6 leading social media channels to promote your store.

But get this…

As soon as someone clicks that link and visits your store they’ll be able to find the exact product they want… not just the product you “think” they want.

You think that might help you sell a few bits ‘n’ bobs?


And that’s not all…

Because your posts are designed to go viral .

Which means you’ll be sucking up free traffic from all over the internet and selling products to people on autopilot…

There’s no magic to this and there’s no catch to this.

It’s simply a brand new revolutionary piece of technology that has blown the amazon affiliate market wide open.

That means:

And believe it or not—you can get your first store, ready for action in under 10 seconds…

Build Your Store In 10 Seconds

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

How Does Stream Store Work?

Special Features of Stream Store:

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

All Amazon Products Are IN Your Store

Your visitors always find the product they are looking for, because the store get dynamically generated content direct from Amazon so they’ll never be without choice.

This allows you to service ANY niche your visitor is in…any time…and with any product!

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store
Real Time Update

Whenever an event takes place on Amazon, it is instantly reflected in Stream Store.

You’ll never need to carry outany updates. Visitors will always get the newest product, price, daily deal, discount, or free-giveaway.

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

From Around The World!

Stream Store detects the area of the world.

Stream Store detects the area of the world where your customer is located and transforms the landing page, product page, and branch affliate links to match the country of every visitors.

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

Take Seconds to be Running

The visitors receive dynamically generated content direct from Amazon so they’ll never be without choice.

This allows you to service ANY niche your visitor is in…any time…and with any product!

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

Landing Page Templates

Landing pages with ready to use templates, beautiful design for every niche.

Create unique, authority building, attention grabbing, landing pages that attract and compel your visitors to quickly and easily search for the best offer.

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

22.6% Of Affiliate Money

Don’t avoid the mobile market!

Studies show that mobile devices are where 22.6% of all online sales happen and that number is increasing every day.

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store


Stream Store comes woth a unique plugin to creates Dynamic-Posts with drag and drop builder. This plugin include beautiful Posts templates for any niche, ready to use.

The user can post any “product offer” he imagines and the store will change the content to match each incoming visitor.

Instead of having to create similar post again and again to match a static store this store is dynamic.

Changes the content to match the posts. You see the potential. Visitors come again and again to your”Live” store to find new offers.

Real Time Updates

This update will give the users the posibility to use Stream Store in unlimited sites and also in client sites.

To be sure that nobody will pass without buying this OTO, they include a “Multi-site manager” plugin to make this offer sweeter.

This plugin lets the user manage unlimited lites from one place. This make the idea of building a big network of sites very attractive because this complementary make the work easy and fast.

Update Version

This offer includes an upgrade version of the “Dynamic Post” plugin. The standard version, include in the FE offer, allows you to manually create and distribute dynamic posts, which is great, but also time consuming and limited.

Now, users can gain access to the Pro Version, which is much more powerful and completely “hands-free”.

With the Dynamic Posts Pro Plugin, all your distribution, and all your schedule is completely automated. Include a loop option and custom url to manage all your social activity with this plugin.

60 Templates

Finally, the OTO3 is also a great deal Here, they offer 30 high quality and uniquely designed landing page templates for each and every niche ready to install and use.

Also 30 Dynamic Post Templates for every niche.

Every FE buyer will be tempted to buy this OTO, to have 30 ready to use stores and posts at his fingertips, making his store business groe fast and easy.

How it works:

Who Should Use Stream Store?

As of today…



All of us.

And YES, even you… can cash in on the Amazon marketplace.

All because of a breakthrough Amazon plugin that lets you set up a very special type of store in 10 seconds…

Stream Store technology has genuinely revolutionized the Amazon affiliate industry by allowing you to show your visitors, fans and followers the exact products they are looking for.

It sounds simple when you write it down… but it’s insanely powerful.

Especially when you understand “Stream Store” automated viral nature.

  • First of all you can be set up and selling almost instantly.
  • Second of all the entire process is automated.
  • Thirdly… The entire process is designed to go viral, which means that one post could potentially do the work of hundreds…

I could go on… but it’s better if you just see it for yourself.

Why should you Get Stream Store Now?

Imagine how much easier life would be if all your Facebook fans started giving you money…

And not just Facebook…

Imagine all of your followers on Twitter, Google +,Tumblr, LinkedIn and Delicious suddenly started giving you money…

Do you think that extra cash might make a difference?

Here’s how it’s happening for other people:

You know what it’s like.

You spend months investing time, effort and money building up a loyal following on Facebook, twitter or Google+ but when it comes to selling something the response rates drop off the radar completely.

The reason for this is simple.

You’re not showing them what they truly want.

So it makes sense that if you could direct each individual fan, to precisely what their greedy little heart desires most, they are going to click and buy, right?

Sadly, that kind of technology simply hasn’t been available…

Until now that is…

With Stream Store you can be up and running in 10 seconds (yes you read that right 10 seconds!).

And the best bit is your fans and followers will love you for it because you’ll be giving them EXACLTY what they desire most…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this “Stream Store” technology is going to change the way internet marketers sell online for good.

Stream Store review and bonus - Stream Store

By the time you finish reading this review you’ll know how to get started making a passive income from Amazon.

It’s up to you whether or not you follow through…

But if you do, you’ll discover how you can get your first profit pulling Amazon store up and running in 10 seconds flat.

I know it sounds extreme, and it should…

… because this new technology is revolutionizing the Amazon Affiliate Market…

As. We. Speak.

Making money while you sleep.

That’s the dream right?

Making a nice secondary income… with no extra work, that allows you to enjoy holidays… meals out… and maybe even go part time… or leave your job completely….

It’s a very realistic dream to have once you see this new Stream Store Tech.

Before Stream Store there was more working against you than for you.

Now, it’s all fixed. It’s all automated. It’s RAPID…

… and it’s given you the power to instantly create entire store networks…

That basically means, you can sell anything to anyone anywhere in the world with only a few button presses…


And it has built in “Viral Technology” that will allow you to populate the exact products that your marketplace, fans and followers want across the 6 most popular social media channels!!!

… it’s mental!

And right now it’s cheap.


Have you noticed that some of the biggest companies online today have very clean, simple landing pages with minimal distractions?

It’s pretty obvious that these types of landing pages work, or big companies wouldn’t be using them…

…after all, they spend a small fortune on testing to come up with a landing page that converts…

Have you noticed that most of the Amazon site builders have clunky landing pages that pretty much all look the same…

They aren’t sleek or modern.

Stream Store” is WAY different…

You can create a BEAUTIFUL, minimalist type of landing page with just a few clicks…

Unlike many things you buy for your online business, Stream Store is an investment, not a cost… It can easily pay for itself within the first day of use…

It truly is the ULTIMATE Amazon store builder…

I believe Stream Store is going to be huge, and right now you have a chance to get in on the ground floor while the price is “rather innocently” low… but I don’t think this price will stay this low for long… not once the creators realize they are sitting on a fortune…

So you have to act fast before it’s too late.




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