Super Niche Video Templates – Grab 50 Brand New Never Released Before Fully Customizable Local Niche Video Templates that You Can Sell to your Clients and Generate 100% Profits!


Super Niche Video Templates

Super Niche Video Templates

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  • A Mammoth Bundle.
  • Astonishing Quality.
  • Studio Quality Voice Over.
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Fully Customizable.

Super Niche Video Templates is a colossal collection of 50 fully customizable local niche video templates in different high demand offline niches with each video paired with professional voice over and matching cartoon and image scenes.

What Is Super Niche Video Templates?

Super Niche Video Templates is a huge, never released before massive collection of 50 local niche video templates designed with remarkable matching cartoon and image scenes and paired with professional voice over in vast various high demand popular niches. The video template from the Super Niche video templates bundle not only look absolutely stunning but are super special because they are fully customizable and this is a big deal because their video templates offer you full versatility and you can customize them in any way you want.

Super Niche Video Templates - review and bonus - Super Niche Video Templates

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How Does Super Niche Video Templates Work?

Special Features of Super Niche Video Templates:

A Mammoth Bundle

A gigantic bundle of 50 local niche video templates covering vast different niches ranging from accounting, aged care, asphalt paving, bankruptcy attorney, book keeping, carpet cleaning, computer repair and so many more.

Astonishing Quality

Each of the videos is designed with matching professional and eye-catching vector clip arts, cartoons and image scenes with each video refined and crafted to look absolutely gorgeous.

Studio Quality Voice Over

All the video templates are paired with studio quality voice-over spoken by qualified and professional voice over artist with the scripts written by a professional copywriter.

Super Easy to Use

Super easy to use! You don’t need complicated or expensive video software to use these video templates, all you need is the simple- to- use PowerPoint software to edit them!

Fully Customizable

Fully customizable, that’s right, you don’t just get the MP4 file, you will also get fully customizable PowerPoint source files where you can edit every text layer or elements that you see in the video. This gives you full customization power so you can customize them any way you want to make them unique or do a quick branding over them and sell the finished video to your customers.

Designed to Convert

Designed to convert, all the local niche video templates in the package does not only look gorgeous with stunning graphics but are also designed to convert. Each video is included with smooth or energetic animation that was crafted to engage and grab the attention of the viewer with a specific call to action to make them act after watching the video.

And the list goes on …

Check Out the Video Templates Included with the Niche Video Template Toolkit:

Super Niche Video Templates - review and bonus - Super Niche Video Templates

Super Niche Video Templates - review and bonus - Super Niche Video Templates

Super Niche Video Templates - review and bonus - Super Niche Video Templates

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Why Should You Get Super Niche Video Templates Now?

How you can use Super Niche Video Templates Kit to Make Money?

You can literally make unlimited profits with the Super Niche Video Templates Kit, below are just a couple of ways you can generate instant profits using Super Niche Video Templates Kit.

  • Easily make quick profits by rebranding the video template and selling the completed video to your local clients or businesses within few minutes.
  • Take it to a more advanced level by customizing them according to your clients’ needs and make them more unique then sell them to your clients at a premium.
  • If you are a video consultant you can showcase these videos in your portfolio so your clients can select the video they want then you can customize and rebrand them according to your client’s requirements and easily charge hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • Our video templates are super versatile, everything you see in the video can be customized. You can offer various customization packages to your clients such as logo branding, put their text into the video, change the clip art, colors or anything you can think of and charge accordingly.
  • And the list goes on, the potential profit you can generate from Super Niche Video Templates Kit is unlimited!

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Personal License

* Personal license let you use these video templates for your own business for instance if you own an accounting firm you can use the accounting video template to create video to promote your accounting service.

Extended Developer License

* Extended developer license let you use these video templates in your customer’s project including using these video templates to create videos then sell them to local business. However you can’t resell these video templates directly to the world at large, you must only sell these to local business.

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