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Total Mobile Pages

Total Mobile Pages

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Total Mobile Pages is a web based software that allows anyone of any skill level to create customized mobile landing pages, QR codes and traffic tracking all in one go.

With Total Mobile Pages, you could generate mobile email lists, create walk in customers, generate direct phone calls, Facebook likes and Twitter followers with ease.

Total Mobile Pages Review – Total Mobile Pages Overview: 

Total Mobile Pages Review – Introduction:

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Mobile is the future of internet marketing. If you are a web based or local business owner or a consultant then using mobile is one of the easiest ways to build your business.

Mobile is massive and is growing fast. There are over 7 billion registered mobile devices on the planet. With 3.65 billion unique users.

That’s around half of every man, women and child on the planet. Mobile is the fastest growing area of mobile with all the main stream business making mobile the larger part of their advertising budget.

No matter your business size and no matter if you are web based only or bricks and mortar then mobile is your new best friend.

You need a specific and dedicated mobile marketing strategy and I can help you make it very easy.

For local businesses or consultants it can be an uphill struggle to build customer email lists.

But with Total Mobile Pages it’s is as easy as pie.

Whether you are a marketer, business owner or consultant this system is made specifically for you.

No you don’t need to rank web pages in Google, No you don’t need to advertise on Facebook, no you don’t need to pay for traffic.

You just need a special mobile landing page, a great offer from your business and a QR code.

Total Mobile Pages is the absolute non-techie way to create specialised and custom mobile landing pages and QR codes.  Then using discount codes and coupons you can entice new customers and bring back existing customers time and time again.

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Total Mobile Pages is a web based software that is simplicity itself and can be used by a complete novice. But the power of this software is incredible.

As a special bonus there is also a full report on the specific mobile marketing strategy that you can use to boost your business. It is fully explained so you can simply copy the system for yourself.

Total Mobile Pages Review – Why should you use this software now!

Let me tell you Mobile Friendly is just the tip of the iceberg. You probably already know that 2016 is THE year of the mobile.

And mobile users are getting more discerning by the minute. Most will no longer tlearet a poor user experience on the phone.

Whether that’s Mobile search, reading emails, watching videos , Facebook or anything else.

Desktops and mobile phones are a million miles apart when it comes to using them and the experience you get.

OK, a mobile friendly, responsive web page is absolutely essential. But so are wheels on a racing car but that hardly qualifies it to get to the starting grid let alone win a race.

Studies show that poor experiences on a mobile phone mean users simply jump on to something better. And in many cases that will be your competitors.

Mobile is one of the biggest growth sectors with around half the planet having at least one mobile phone.

71% of mobile users will simply delete a badly formed email. Around 90% of people check their emails at least once a daily on a mobile phone.

What do you think they will do to a hard to read page, an impossible to complete form or a page they just do not know what you want them to do on.

You can’t avoid it and you can’t ignore it. You need to engage with your mobile customers right now.

You need to offer specific mobile landing pages to your prospects and customers that are super easy to read, and use. And get the users to do what you want them to do.

Such as:

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

That’s where Total Mobile Pages comes in. No technical skills needed to create custom mobile landing pages that are good looking, easy to read, dirt simple to click on or enter a name or email and laser focused on getting the visitor to do exactly what you want

A web based software where you can create fully customised mobile landing pages without any programming or design skills.  With page creation, QR code and URL shorter generation and traffic tracking all included it is truly an all-in-one mobile solution for any marketer or business owner or consultant.

In any case it means more customers, more engaged customers and you making more money.

Total Mobile Pages Review – How To Build A Huge Buyer List:

Every internet marketer on the planet knows you need to build a list. In fact every major retail or e-commerce company knows the same.

Think Amazon, Walmart, Tesco
Heck think Train-line, Funky Pigeon and Hallmark.
Think any major company that tries take your email at every opportunity!

They do that because they know the power of email marketing.

BUT many local business don’t know this, or maybe they don’t understand how it works or why it works.
Fact is most do not build email lists and the crazy truth is it’s drop dead simple to get emails from customers and prospects for just about any offline business.

Every offline business needs an online presence but most customers are now using mobile phones to engage, search and find what they want locally.

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

So building an email list from mobile users is one of the best marketing strategies you can implement.

Bulldog a huge and responsive mobile email list is simplicity itself using Total Mobile Pages (TMP).

Create custom mobile landing pages targeted to the exact task you want. In this case getting those highly valuable email addresses.  Sure TMP does a whole lot more but this one function can sky-rocket any local business.

Using Total Mobile Page and my mobile marketing strategy (that I reveal as a bonus to every TMP member).

Combine that with a low, one-off price for a lifetime access and this truly is a no-brainer

>> Total Mobile Pages Exclusive Bonuses <<


Bonus 1: Video Marketing Blueprint

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Bonus 2: Smart Funnel Blueprint

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Bonus 3: Social Media Marketing revealed

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Bonus 4: The Copywriters Manual

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Bonus 5: Traffic Extreme

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Bonus 6: Proven Traffic Mastery

total mobile pages review and bonus - total mobile pages

Total Mobile Pages Review – Bottom Line:

Total Mobil Pages allows you do that without any programming, design, video or graphic skills. Heck you don’t even have to know how to use a smart phone.

Create custom mobile landing pages,  automatically generate QR codes and track your visitors. Convert prospects to email sign ups, followers, fans and customers.
Or do you think you can make money doing this for your clients? You bet you can!!

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