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TubeViperX 2.0

TubeViperX 2.0

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  • You can search by keyword inside a specific channel.
  • TubeViperX 2.0 has the ability to GEO-Target by GPS coordinates .
  • Easy to search for creative commons license videos..
  • You can use a different locale for different your video .
  • Enter any seed keyword and get up to 800 additional keyword ideas .

Are you having a hard time researching and ranking your videos on YouTube?

TubeViperX 2.0 arrives with powerful new features that Video Marketers will love.

TubeViperX 2.0 review and bonus



Video has become one of the top way to driving traffic to your products, services, websites, and even affiliate offers.

However, you must know what you are doing in order to maximize your traffic potential and profits.

If not, it is just a time-consuming work, beside, you also have to pay a lot of money for creating nonprofit video. And the result of those things is nothing because you will lost thousands of video in your niche for competitors who can research and rank their video better.

In other hand, if you know how to research video market, you can rank your video to the top.

Does it sound good to you! But the problem is who would like to research all day? It’s so wasting time and boring.

Everything has changed now, you can research, analyze and rank your videos higher and higher thank to:

>>> TubeViperX 2.0 <<<

TubeViperX 2.0 review and bonus

This software will allow you to spy on your competition, and can rank you page to page one of Google and YouTube with a couple of clicks.



1. Video analyzer

Instantly uncover the full ranking factors that YouTube is rewarding with top spots now, so you know what you have to do to rank your any keyword.

Want more than just the top ten video results?

  • TubeViperX 2.0 allows you to instantly spy on 10, 20, or even 100 top rankings videos.

Find out – and – model – your videos after the most popular competing videos with detailed stats – including likes, views, comments, and favorites.

Easily filter video results by page rank, likes, ratings, views, published date, category, and even words in tags, tiles or descriptions… so you only see the data that is most important to your campaign.

Filter search results by multiple criteria to analyze what’s working and what’s worth going after.

Especially, TubeViperX 2.0 has been added more than a dozen advanced search options features that allow you to really dig into the video data you want to see.



TubeViperX 2.0 review and bonus

  • In TubeViperX 2.0, you can limit results by the country, or by relevance language results should be return for.
  • TubeViperX 2.0 also has the ability to GEO-Target by GPS coordinates that videos are tagged with so you can find videos in a specific city.
  • If you want to search for videos from a specific category, or videos that are related to a specific video that’s also now possible and easy.
  • And it’s easy for you to search for creative commons license videos, that help you find videos you can remix.
  • And in TubeViperX 2.0 you will also have the ability to search based on published dates, video definition or length, whether a video is embeddable outside YouTube or not, and whether it has captions available.
  • Lastly you can also search by keyword inside a specific channel

2. Video SEO analysis

3. Channel analyzer

Enter a channel username or auto-fill from Video Analyzer results and see results for every public video on that channel.

Assess the strength of your own channel or any competitor with detailed stats.

Filter competitor results to find out what content your competitor is most successful with.

Instantly brainstorm video and blog content ideas using competitor channel and Channel Analyzer.

4. Advanced rank tracker

  • Instantly find out where your video (or any competitor’s video) ranks in YouTube, Google and Yahoo Search results.
  • Easily save results in spreadsheet from to compare with future rankings results.
  • Stores rank tracking in the history so you can easily see – or show clients – the results of your video rank campaigns.
  • PLUS see your rankings progress in vivid detail with beautiful full-color charts – you can even export charts to JPG and give them to your clients or include them in you reports.

In version 2.0,

  • You can use a different locale for different your video if you have clients in multiple country – this is called Serp Tracker.

TubeViperX 2.0 review and bonus

  • A lot of checking features have been provided – Recheck Selected
  • And a new File Import feature

…that makes it easy to get your videos into the rank tracker with their keywords without entering them one by one.

5. Keyword analyzer

Brainstorm related keyword with TubeViperX 2.0’s Keyword Planner date integration.

Enter any seed keyword and get up to 800 additional keyword ideas to use in video descriptions, tags, titles, or just make even more videos and completely DOMINATE your niche.

Quickly understand where the money is in your market by discovering where real ad dollars are being spent.

  • Use the power of the long tail to pull in multiple keyword rankings for your videos for even MORE traffic.
  • Pull in number of competing videos, as well as secret X-ray factor to instantly discover the competition for each related keyword… and pick the low hanging fruit.
  • Quickly focus on the teal keyword gems by filtering, or deleting low quality keyword from the results with ONE click.
  • Export related keywords lists to spreadsheet and hand off to your virtual assistant for SEO, backlinking, and new video content creation.
  • No need to fumble with Adword account passwords or time consuming logins.

TubeviperX 2.0 will manage your YouTube and Adwords accounts for no fuss access.

And you can also import a file you downloaded from Keyword Planner and then analyze the videos for those keywords in side TubeViperX 2.0

TubeViperX 2.0 review and bonus

6. The Playlist Analyzer Tab

In TubeViperX 2.0 you will get a brand new tab, the Playlist Analyzer which can help you identify playlists that are ranking for a term in YouTube, see how well optimized they are.

Playlists are a brilliant way to rank for a keyword as Google and YouTube both rank dense cluster of content on a specific topic higher.

Some channel owner are willing to add your videos to their playlist also, so it is good way to find playlists to get a boost.

7. On board help system

  • Onboard video help system walks you through each and every feature of TubeViperX 2.0 with detailed demonstrations.
  • Instant access to any NEW help videos just by opening the help tab. No app upgrades or updates needed.
  • All help videos are in 1280×720 HD resolution and watchable in full screen, so you won’t ever miss a detail.

8. Accounts, commenting & more

  • Use unlimited YouTube and Adword accounts with TubeViperX 2.0 using the easy account management tab.
  • Seamlessly fetch keyword date from your Adword account just by selecting your account from the dropdown and clicking search.
  • Create high authority YouTube backlinks to your channel using the “comment” feature to drop comments on competing videos.
  • Contact channel owners through YouTube’s message system to get your links into unmonetized videos, or network and create partnerships.



1. Business owners

Use it to put your videos on the map, generate leads and bring clients to your door

Give your business more exposure and effortlessly leap above your local competition (they won’t know what hit them)

2. Local marketing consultants

What better “foot-in-the-door” method than ranking a video highly and renting it out to a local business owner for hundreds of dollars a  month without any more added work!

You can also get hired to create and rank your clients videos, get them leads, and show them their videos jumping over their competitors with TubeViperX 2.0’s Rank Tracker feature.

3. Video marketers

Make your videos with full confidence knowing you’ll be able to spy on other competitor and use their hard work in YOUR favor, outranking them easily.

4. Affiliate marketers

Research your market’s competition using TubeViperX 2.0, see a hole you can take advantage of, create a simple video promoting an affiliate product and rank your video on top of everyone else’s bringing you lots of traffic, eyeballs, and clicks on your offer.

5. Anyone

Who needs to get videos ranked in YouTube and Google to generate traffic or sales or just want their hobby/fun video to go viral.


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