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Turbo eCom

Turbo eCom

Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.2 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.0 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.0 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.2 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

9.3 /10


  • Step by Step PDF Manual
  • Graphics for this Module
  • Module For PrestaShop
  • Mobile Friendly website
  • Certificates for All Licenses

Turbo eCom is a business in a box PrestaShop module which you can sell and keep all the money in your pockets.

Turbo eCom Overview

  • Homepage: Turbo eCom Official Site
  • Product Name: Turbo eCom
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: John Delavera
  • Target niche: Turbo eCom is a PrestaShop Module which your customers can sell and keep all the money in their pockets. The Module allows everyone to add Amazon commission-rich products in their PrestaShop installation.
  • Official Price: $27
  • Special Discount: 65%-OFF DISCOUNT HERE! (It’s limited only for first 50 buyers)

What Is Turbo eCom?

John Delavera, an Internet Marketing legend has just created a new turbo software and this is the first time and last time he offers it with the Resale, Master Resale and private label rights (yes, all the licenses you’d ever get) for less than a pizza – or a smoothie if you prefer.

John has a long background on software creation and is known for the out of box ideas that have generated him millions of dollars in sales; plus as an Internet-Marketing-aholic, everything he created is laser-focused on Internet Marketing.

Turbo eCom is no exception!

Turbo eCom is a business in a box PrestaShop module which you can sell and keep all the money in your pockets.

It’s a must-have tool for all internet marketers – and for that reason an easy sell for you and your customers. And believe me it can sell like hot cakes… because every internet marketer needs it badly!


PrestaShop is one of the most reliable eshop platforms that you can create online – and it’s totally free.

With Turbo eCom Module you can add Amazon commission-rich products in your PrestaShop installation – in just a few clicks!

If you sell products online, this will be one of your easy sales. If you do not sell products online, then this is the best way to start doing so, since you get a superb product and your customers can be proud  – even sign it as yours, change the title and get the praise of being a super genius creator!

It is an efficient tool for everyone with their own PrestaShop businesses.

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How Does Turbo eCom Work?

Special Features of Turbo eCom:

Here are some outstanding features of Turbo eCom that I think you would love:

  • Module For PrestaShop
  • Graphics for this Module
  • Sales letter
  • Thank you page
  • Mobile Friendly website
  • Step by Step PDF Manual
  • Certificates for All Licenses
  • Software with Private Label, Master Resale
  • Extra Bonuses

How It Works:

This useful software can automatically put all of your desired product list together in your dashboard.

Firstly, you have to access your PrestaShop account. You will be given a special version of PrestaShop software after the first step. Then, you have to set up the Turbo eCom module on your own site.  What you need to do next is insert your affiliate ID, access key ID. It is already done now.

CrownReviews - Trial PackWhy Should You Get Turbo eCom Now?

With Turbo eCom:

  • You get a professional sales letter.
  • You get killer graphics
  • You get the website you need to sell it
  • You get the thank you page
  • …and all the certificates of all licenses

You get Resale Rights, so you can sell it as is ASAP

You get Master Resale Rights so that you can pass the resale rights to your customers

You get Private Label Rights. You can edit all the materials, sign it as yours 94 and get recognized as a software authority online.

All you need to do is add your name, your order link and you’re ready to make income.

Though the value is clear, creator still offers you some bonuses below.

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Exclusive Bonuses From Turbo eCom:

Bonus #1

21 Tips and Tools for Recruiting the Best Affiliates

Turbo eCom review and bonus - bonus1

If you’re a product seller, you already know that not all affiliates are created equal. Some will never promote you. Others promote once and disappear. And a small percentage will develop your products over and over, making a lion’s share of sales for you. So how do you recruit great affiliates? While there is no 1 answer, there are many ways to find and recruit those key affiliates who will take your business to the next level and this report will show you how.

Bonus #2

How to Create a Lead Magnet 1

Turbo eCom review and bonus - bonus2

With the right lead magnet, you can increase the number of prospects and customers you have joining your list. In this report, you will understand how a well-targeted lead magnet can also increase the average transaction value and even the number of transactions per customer, by attracting the very best customers for your particular business.

Bonus #3

Income Claims, The FTC and Jail

Turbo eCom review and bonus - bonus3

The wild west days of the Internet, where you could make ANY income claim and pretty much never have to worry about the feds coming after you have gone for good. While what is offered by the report cannot be considered as legal advice it can help.

Bonus #4

How to Let Your Customers Do Your Selling For You

Turbo eCom review and bonus - bonus4

You know about testimonials – those little blurbs from customers that tell prospects how great a product or service is. But getting testimonials can be a problem. Business people don’t want to ask for them or don’t know HOW to ask for them. And customers, while they might want to give them, don’t know how. That’s why they’re going to show you exactly what to ask to get testimonials, how to use the testimonials to overcome the biggest objections of your prospects, and even how to get testimonials without asking.

Bonus #5

Marketing Lessons Taught By Psychopaths

Turbo eCom review and bonus - bonus5

About 1 out of 100 people are psychopaths. Odds are you know at least one, yet you might not realize it. Most of them are not killers as the media might portray them. But they can be incredibly charming and persuasive. Some psychopaths can find a person’s weak spot in minutes, manipulate that person using that knowledge, and make their target very happy and thankful to have been manipulated. What if you could be the same as a Marketer?


I do hope that my information would give you more understanding about Turbo eCom.

In case you still need any assistance, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime.

Regardless, thank you for reading my Turbo eCom.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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