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Easy to use - Easy to optimize

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Customer Support - Turn Around Time

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • Smart Locker Technology TRIPLES conversions
  • Full WP Video Platform With Zero Recurring Fees
  • Full Amazon Integration
  • SEO Built‐In
  • 100% Unique Content

UltraVid allows you to get beautiful, responsive and mobile ready video sites with hundreds of videos then populate them with 100% unique content and start making money with them.

UltraVid Overview

What Is UltraVid?

To discuss the importance of video marketing, no one can deny that it’s the best way to achieve any goals to be a successful marketer. But creating a high-quality video as well as setting up sites are exactly expensive and time-consuming tasks which many people are tired of.

So, imagine if there is a solution that is suitable for internet marketers to have their video sites done perfectly without any tech skills, any effort as well as any money, isn’t it great?

Introducing: UltraVid

UltraVid is a brand new product allows you to build video sites automatically with just one click. By using this software, you will able to get beautiful, responsive and mobile ready video sites with hundreds of videos then populate them with 100% unique content and start making money with them.

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How Does UltraVid Work?

Special Features of UltraVid:

You’ll get all these fantastic features inside UltraVid:

Stunning Designs That Convert

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With UltraVid, you will be able to increase traffic, leads, and sales by building beautiful video sites with just the push of a button.

Smart Locker Technology TRIPLES conversions

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You can “lock” your videos to force visitors to sign up to your list, click on ads, share on FB, etc.

The most advanced video curator on Earth

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This feature automatically adds videos that CONVERT, built straight into their web app; you can harness hundreds of RELEVANT videos that Google loves within minutes.

Full WP Video Platform With Zero Recurring Fees

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SEO BuiltIn

They’ve designed UltraVid with the best SEO practices in mind. So their platform is 100% SEO friendly right out of the box, GUARANTEED to get you high rankings on Google.

OptIn System

This product allows you to turn any visitor into a subscriber and maximize your revenue.

Full Amazon Integration

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With UltraVid you can start selling Amazon affiliate products on autopilot, as well as your own products or any other affiliate offers.

Mobile Responsive Design

They gives your viewer the best possible experience, allowing for an ideal stunning viewing environment on both desktop as well as mobile.

100% Unique Content

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UltraVid automatically adds unique content next to each video by curating the audio and converting it to text (it’s insanely efficient at getting easy rankings).

How It Works:

It’s pretty simple, just follow three steps below and you can start profiting with your video site.
STEP #1: Upload UltraVid premium WP plugin to your site

STEP #2: Simply insert your keywords and with a click have a fully fledged video site complete with 100% unique content, DFY traffic & monetization

STEP #3: Enjoy a fully automated video site that gets you #1 rankings, guaranteed traffic, and easy sales.

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Who Should Use UltraVid?

If you’re affiliate marketers, UltraVid helps you increase sales

If you’re SEO marketers, it helps you increase traffic and get #1 ranking

Besides, UltraVid could be used perfectly for those:

  • Lazy people who want to make money quickly.
  • People who want a nice PASSIVE income while focusing on bigger projects
  • People who want to values their business and money and is not ready to sacrifice them
  • People with products they want to make more sales from.

Why Should You Get UltraVid Now?

UltraVid is not only the best solution to build authority video sites but also has an affordable price. With this excellent plugin, you just need to relax knowing it takes care of your business in all aspects such as creating content, driving traffic as well as making money and more…

By getting UltraVid,

  • You can build stunning video site in as little as 60 seconds with no effort and technical know-how
  • Each site created with UltraVidis SEO friendly and guaranteed to rank
  • You don’t have to hire any freelancers since UltraVid includes 100% unique content.

UltraVid with the SEO built-in can drive massive traffic as well as increase more sales and build your list total on auto pilot since it forces visitors to sign up before they can view your videos.

Once using UltraVid, there is no need to:

  • Buy a premium theme for each one of your sites
  • Pay for expensive content every month
  • Check your rankings every day ‐ with hundreds of videos, your authority site will
    rank organically.

All packed in the most incredibly user‐friendly interface – and it’s all for a one‐time fee!

In case you still hesitate about UltraVid, take a look at how people are saying about it.

“UltraVid is hands down the best video & traffic software I’ve ever seen – it takes me literally 30 seconds to set up a full site and start building my list, and I’m making more money than ever before since using it. Considering the low one-time price – this is the NO BRAINER purchase of the year!” – Daniel Adetunji/Product Creator & Expert Marketer.

“As a software marketer, SEO is not my main concern: I need an easy and affordable way to SEO optimize my site without wasting hours figuring stuff myself. Enter UltraVid: this is the easiest video SEO software I’ve ever used, making #1 rankings a daily occurrence. Plus, it’s all automated, so it works for me even when I’m traveling. UltraVid comes with a strong recommendation from me!” – Rahil Ahmed/Top Software Marketer.

With all amazing benefits that UltraVid gives, the developers could easily charge you hundreds of dollars. But they want to deliver the best product possible for their users with affordable price and help them build high-converting video sites in a simple way. So, let’s grab a chance to save money and gain more!

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