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Vid Promo Pages

Vid Promo Pages

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize


Customer support - Turn around time


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  • Easy to use plugin that can be used by pretty-much anyone, even newbies with limited marketing knowledge.
  • Create well-designed, high converting video landing pages that are going to take your conversions through the roof.
  • Geo targeting features that can be used to target your traffic better, and filter out garbage traffic that never converts.
  • Javascript, CSS code, Autoresponder, and much more.

Vid Promo Pages is going to be launched and it will take your conversions through the roof. Let see this following Vid Promo Pages review.

Vid Promo Pages review bonus


  • Homepage: Vid Promo Pages Official Site
  • Product Name: Vid Promo Pages
  • Type of Product: WordPress Plugin
  • Authors: Regele & Ankur Shukla & Venkata Ramana
  • Target niche: Landing Page Creator, Conversion Rate Optimization, Landing Page Optimization, Traffic Generation, Sale Generation System…
  • Official Price: $27
  • Special Discount: 40%-OFF here! (Limited Only)
  • Bonuses: Yes! You will get 2 extremely giant bonus packs. Click to see $6500 Bonuses pack and $9700 Bonuses pack!
  • It’s very huge – You will get 2 wonder bonuses that could help you earn +$85,000 in 18 months.


Landing pages are a must in any kind of promotion, especially affiliate and CPA promotions. If you send your traffic directly to your offer page before pre-selling them, you’ll end up with a low conversion rate and a high refund rate.

It’s a well-known fact that videos convert much better than text, and Vid Promo Pages let’s you create well-designed, high converting video landing pages that are going to take your conversions through the roof.

Vid Promo Pages is an easy to use plugin that can be used by pretty-much anyone, even newbies with limited marketing knowledge. You can create a clean, well-designed landing page in 5 minutes or less.

Vid Promo Pages also has geo targeting features that can be used to target your traffic better, and filter out garbage traffic that never converts.


Have a look on Vid Promo Pages features and see how does it works.

Vid Promo Pages‘s interface is clearly, everything appear in the back-end. So you can generate your page, manage your post easily and rapidly.

It can take a couple of minutes to get everything uploaded. And once you install and activate it, you will get these tabs in here and this is the Home page of the Plug in and it just explains how you can get support with the Plug in and it is where you can watch tutorial video.

It has two kinds of pages: squeeze pages and sales pages.

I’m going to introduce the sale pages template for now.

You can see in this video, Regele has just uploaded around 6 sales pages templates. But you are going to add into it in a couple of days. You can look at those template by clicking on the particular thumbnail image. These are the 6 sales pages that were already used on previous projects so just copy the following steps: Once select a template, click on “use this” and and takes some time to get loaded and right here is a template.

This plugin has all of basic performance of WordPress. You can edit anything and almost everything. You can change the text. You can change the colours, sizes, font family, you can make it numbered. You can insert links, images,…

Vid Promo Pages review bonus

…Pretty much anything and it is not the only features editor that you can use.

Once you publish the post, you can also go to “Pages” or “Pages and Editing”. And then you go to the customize option.

If you’ve got to track a particular page like multiple tracking services like Facebook, it’s pretty much that each of these services will give you a Javascript custom code that could be copied and pasted in here. And you can try everything.

If you are a progammer or you have a programmer you can go to “Custom CSS” enter your code here.

You can also go to “Autoresponder” and enter your Autoresponder code.

If you want to add in a video, you can go to “Set video” and enter your video url. And when you enter your embeded video url, the video jump into your post right away.

Vid Promo Pages provides you the Pre-made template that you can use the same format and edit everything to fit your approach.

You can also enter a Custom background and something like that. Then you have some custom pre-made images appear in you post. This is the e-book template.

Vid Promo Pages review bonus

If you want to change it, you go to “Media” and then “Add new” to upload your particular e-book. After that, by clicking “Insert/edit Image” and you can insert the image to your post. You can play along with the “Dimensions” to change it to whatever you want.

So, that is how you can do anything you want in here and once you finish all of that, give a new to your file and click on “Done” and take sometime and it’s done.

Now, let me show you the page. Go to “Page” then “All Pages”….here it goes. And this right here is the template so if you edit anything, it will all go in the editing area. And if you want to do other kinds of editing once you publish it, you can go to “Edit” to make further editing.

If you want to change you video url, go to “Text” tab and you can enter the new url.

You can add or delete anything you want. Even after you published it, you can still edit pretty much everything.



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