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  • Brony Animated Monster
  • Brony Static Monster
  • Bulao Animated Monster
  • Bulao Static Monster
  • Capponage Animated Monster

ViddyOgres is a premium collection of 400+ pre-made monster character animations developed to help people improve their video performance and boost their sales.

ViddyOgres Overview

What Is ViddyOgres?

Creating a promotional video for a product is one of the most crucial things in marketing. If your video marketing is not interesting enough to grab audience’s attention, you will be left behind. However, we all know that designing a high-converting video is not a simple task if we don’t have any skills or experience. In this situation, you are in need of a product that provides you with done-for-you templates for creating as many as videos you want without any effort. And ViddyOgres is your perfect solution.

ViddyOgres is a premium package of over 400 done-for-you monster character animations designed to help you improve your video engagement and increase your sales. Using ViddyOgres, you will have the ability to create high-converting animated videos that stand out from the crowd within minutes.

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

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How Does ViddyOgres Work?

Special Features of ViddyOgres:

With every purchase of ViddyOgres, you will have a chance to get 50 Cartoon Backgrounds and 400+ monster animated characters divided into 40 modules.

Module #1– Brony Animated Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

Module #2 – Brony Static Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

Module #3 – Bulao Animated Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

Module #4 – Bulao Static Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

Module #5 – Capponage Animated Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

Module #6 – Capponage Static Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

Module #7 – Cracko Animated Monster

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

And 33 more unique modules!

How It Works:

You can create unique animated videos in minutes by using any of popular video creation programs, like Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Explaindio, Camtasia, and more!

Check out two demo videos below to know how to use ViddyOgres’ animated characters to create a video with Explaindio and PowerPoint.



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Why Should You Get ViddyOgres Now?

Every purchase comes with a video training where you will be explained how to use these video assets to make outstanding video animations. By getting Viddy Ogres along with its hundreds of DFY animated characters, you will be able to create profit-pulling videos that stand out from the crowd.

Having ViddyOgres by your side, you can:

Reduce a lot of money on video experts

There is no need to spend tons of money to hire video creators as you can use ViddyOgres to create unlimited animated videos easily.

No need to wait days or weeks just to have your videos done.

This software allows you to create high-quality video animations faster and easier than ever so that you don’t have to waste time on waiting for your videos to be done by experts.

Increase your sales performance and conversions

Notice a potential boost in conversions & sales with these eye-catching animated characters

No more spend long hours learning complex video creation software

Using Viddy Ogres to build unique animated videos is as simple as “copy and paste.” You can create it with a few clicks of your mouse! You don’t need to waste your precious time learning complicated programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects,…

Normally, to get a bundle of hundreds of animated characters like this, you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on outsourced services. But now you just need to invest a small one-time payment to access to the full graphics package which can transform your boring videos into exciting ones.

Take a look at what people are saying about their experiences using Viddy Ogres:

“I’m Always Super Impressed

Lucas has been producing graphics products for a long time now, and I’m always super impressed with what he puts out there. Not only are the graphics top quality, but the value he gives is just insane.

Graphics of such high quality and quantity, at truly affordable prices don’t normally go hand in hand, but with Lucas, it’s absolutely the norm and I hope he keeps doing what he does because of everyone benefits, especially his customers.” (Chrissy Withers –

“Look Like A Pro!

I’ve seen and used Lucas Adamski’s graphics products, and I must say his quality is great!

It is useful for anyone who wants to spice up their sites, sales pages and videos but don’t know how, or aren’t quite ready to hire a designer. With his graphics products, you can do it yourself quick and still look like a pro!” (June Ashley –

“Lucas’s products are always of the highest quality. 

If you want pro-quality design assets and templates for your projects that you can trust and turn to over and over again, then I’d definitely recommend products by Lucas Adamski.” (Mark Mason,

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Exclusive Bonuses From ViddyOgres:

BONUS #1: 12 Months Of Free Tech Support

Did you get stuck at any point? Don’t know how to use your assets? No problem! Their dedicated team is here to help you with any technical problems.

BONUS #2: Step-By-Step Video Training How To Edit Your Aminated Characters

They’ll show you behind their shoulder, step-by-step how to use your character animations in Powerpoint & Explaindio. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

BONUS #3: Graphics Mystic Facebook Group Imagine

A place where you’ll be able to get new, fresh graphics for 100% free. This facebook group is for everyone to share cool free resources, graphics, templates and other useful things.

BONUS #4: 4 Video Templates Comes With Developer’s Rights

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres

BONUS #5: 10 Unique Cartoon Backgrounds Comes With Developer’s Rights

ViddyOgres review and bonus - ViddyOgres


I’m going to end my review now. Hope that with my information you can gain more understanding about this outstanding software.

Thank you for reading my ViddyOgres review. Regardless.

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