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Vidello is a premium video hosting solution designed to increase your online growth through the power of the most powerful marketing tool – video!

What Is Vidello?

Take a look at every top selling vendor on Jvzoo, click bank or the warrior forum and you’ll notice their primary marketing tool they all use is, “dun da-da-da” ‘video’ of course.

Though video has progressed over the past few years, video hosting and streaming for digital marketing hasn’t.

That means with most, if not all mainstream video hosting platforms, you have slow loading & streaming along with virtually no ‘marketing specific’ features to really help grow your business.

Or you have to pay a lot of money per month just to use them.

It is the reason Josh Ratta joins his team to step up the game and create a platform that was made for marketing.

Vidello is a premium video hosting solution designed to increase your online growth through the power of the most powerful marketing tool – video!

It helps to turn videos into conversion crushing machines with the fastest and most cost-effective, premium video hosting platform for marketers.

Meet vidello. Where video meets marketing:

  • Premium video hosting
  • Modern adaptable video player
  • Fastest video streaming online
  • Video A/B split testing
  • Brand with your own logo
  • Mobile responsive player
  • Advanced analytics
  • Conversion tracking
  • Marketing call to actions
  • And much more…

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How Does Vidello Work?

What will you get from Vidello:

There are plenty of extraordinary features that Vidello helps users optimise their marketing campaigns such as:


Vidello - Review and Bonus - Vidello

Use Vidello to take payments directly inside your eCommerce sites with review videos. Besides, you can create review videos or demo videos for your eCommerce sites and take orders directly indise your video.


Vidello - Review and Bonus - Vidello

Ensure optimal conversions with split-testing, analytics & pro branding. Its time to stop guessing how your videos are performing on your landing pages, and time to start marketing smarter, using real time data to make the changes needed to ensure maximum conversions. Use video split-tests to see which video converts best for your audiences.


Vidello - Review and Bonus - Vidello

Secure your membership content with fully protected video hosting. Also, using Youtube videos for your membership site content is not secure and quite unprofessional as the content can be accessed by anyone on YouTube. Secure and deliver your video content using Vidello.


Content marketing that results in leads is what vidello will help you with.

Also, users can get:


Vidello - Review and Bonus - Vidello

Ever created a video, edited and rendered it and then found you forgot to say something important or you left out some key information? In the pats you would have to re create the video. With note box, there’s no need! Simply, select a note box, add in your important info and set the start time for it to animate on. Case solved!


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Brand your videos with professional lower third animations. Simply select the style you like change the text and images and set the start time for the animation. That’s it.


Vidello - Review and Bonus - Vidello

Want to test which video converts best? You’ll never know until you split-test. With Vidello, split-testing videos is as simple as selecting two videos and generating an embed code. We take care of all the complicated work!

How It Works:

Users can design and customize yourself just within 3 steps:

  1. Upload
  2. Customise
  3. Publish

That is simple!

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Why Should You Get Vidello Now?

With Vidello you will…

  • Increase your conversions with split-tests and advanced analytics.
  • Maximise profits & boost opt-ins with smart marketing apps.
  • Brand your business as experts with lower thirds & pro style options.

All the customisation & marketing options you could ever dream of inside this little beauty.

More checkouts & sales with CTA slides

Just giving a call to action in your videos won’t create as much traction as when you actually place the call-to-action inside your video. With clickable links & CTA buttons and slides, expect higher clicks throughs and more checkouts than ever before.

Build your list with email sign ups

We’ve heard that the money is in the list, it’s true! Now you can turn your average video into a lead generating machine utilising timed email signup forms and build that list you’ve always wanted.

Incentive customers through discount coupons

Sometimes all it takes is a slight discount to push a potential customer over the line. Use triggered time based coupon slides to appear in your video at certain times to ensure maximum conversions.

Moreover, FREE hosting is COSTING you

As a business owner, you want all traffic to engage in what you are selling and to take action, NOT to click away and lose attention on other sites. That’s why if you’re serious about business it’s essential to use professional video hosting!

Take a look at what some of the BEST marketing experts are saying…

“Vidello blew me away right from the moment I logged in. The gorgeous interface, the simplicity of use and the very nicely laid out instructions made it very easy to get going. But Vidello isn’t just all looks. I was equally blown away by the level of customisation offered to me on my videos… from video frames, colours and even adding dynamic lower thirds on the fly! Vidello looks to offer a lot more options than the competition, and I’m looking forward to hosting all our video content moving forward with Vidello. Well done!”Said Joey Xoto, London, United Kingdom – Co-founder of Viddyoze

“Mind BLOWN. I’m adding Vidello to the mix! As a seasoned Vimeo user and Conversion Rate Junky this is just really a no-brainer for me. I’m simply getting more BANG for my buck PLUS all the marketing features Vimeo and Wistia have failed to offer for all these years. I mean… A/B Split Tests on my videos? YES PLEASE!” – According to Stefan van der Vlag, Amsterdam, Holland. – Founder of Marketing Released

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If you want to increase conversions and get more viewers to take action, you just need to simply add on coupon slide inside Vidello and watch the analytics to see how it impacts your sales!

That is the end of my review. Thanks for your reading and I’ll see you soon!

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