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  • Create videos and presentations with STUDIO QUALITY animations
  • Save TIME- no need to search for unique content
  • Save MONEY- no need to hire an artist or animator
  • Keep INTEREST- people keep watching
  • SELL MORE- more eyes on your offer = more $ in your pocket

VidStickers2 are cool animated objects that will make your videos stand out and inject them with that all important attention grabbing “motion onset”.

VidStickers2 Review and Bonus- VidStickers2

VidStickers2 Review – VidStickers2 Overview

VidStickers2 Review – What is VidStickers2?

So I know that YOU know that video is where it’s at. We’ve all heard the stats by now. We’ve watched a zillion videos on YouTube and Facebook and on websites.

In fact, if you don’t say it with video, you might just as well not say it, because your customer would most likely rather click a button and let someone else read for him, than actually read himself. We know that video is more engaging and certainly gets shared more than any other medium.

So we get out our Powerpoint, or Camtasia, or Explaindio or (name your video creation tool) and spend hours, days and weeks pumping out presentations that we can upload to YouTube and Facebook, and then we HOPE like heck that what we just created is going to get someone’s attention.

But is it? Is your video as engaging and entertaining as it could be? If you are using slides or templates, the answer is… “Probably not!” In fact, unless you are an animator, or you happen to have one in your back pocket, the chances of holding somebody’s attention until they get to the offer in your video is almost like a game of chance! You have exactly 20 seconds before Joe Average goes slack-jawed with disinterest.

It’s sad, but true. Joe wants to be entertained, and you have 20 seconds to grab him before he’s off in search of a cute cat, or a sexy picture of last night’s pizza!

That’s where VidStickers comes in. VidStickers are animated objects that you can easily add to pretty much any video, presentation or website to instantly add LIFE and movement.

Now you can have REAL animated videos. With VidStickers, you can make videos that will compete with any animation studio.

Bring your videos, presentations and websites to life with VidStickers.

What Are VidStickers?

VidStickers are cool animated objects that will make your videos stand out and inject them with that all important attention grabbing “motion onset”.

VidStickers are UNIQUE. Up until now, animations such as these really had limited use for average people, BUT, as video creation software (such as Explaindio, VideoMakerFX etc) evolve, suddenly there is a DEMAND for animated elements. VidStickers fills the demand! AND you won’t find these ANYWHERE else.

That is because they do not outsource. ALL of the VidStickers animations have been designed BY THEM! You can’t get any more EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE than that.

Each VidStickers object has been carefully thought out and are assets you will actually use in your videos, not just “gimmicky animations” you may like but aren’t useful.

Now you can INSTANTLY become an ANIMATION BOSS like the big animation studios in just a couple of clicks! 

Demo Video Of VidStickers2:


VidStickers2 Review – Special Features of VidStickers2?

Here’s What VidStickers Can Do For You!

  1. Keep Attention On Your Message:Animation keeps people watching. People are used to seeing the typical slide in- slide out- animations that are common in video making software. Familiarity causes “ad blindness”. VidStickers addATTENTION GRABBING ANIMATIONS that keep eyes glued to your message right to the end!
  2. Professional and Memorable:VidStickers motion graphics add a professional air that will rival that of an industry animation studio, without having to know any animation at all!  Just open your favorite video maker software and insert your VidStickers, and start making REAL animated videos!
  3. Increase Conversions and Profits: It’s no secret that attention spans are shrinking! VidStickers keeps people interested and watching right to the end- and that’s where the magic happens! You “Call To Action” message will actually get seen. When more people SEE your message, more people ACT and the more MONEY you make.It’s all about the numbers! 
  4. Liven Up WebSites and Slide Shows Too:VidStickers come in 4 different formats. They can be inserted into web pages and slide shows too! So ALL of your visual media canspring to life!

VidStickers2 Review – Why should you get VidStickers2 Now?

Have you ever watched a boring video? A lot of people would answer NO to that, because stats show us that if the video is boring, people DON’T watch it! The bad news for you is that they often make that decision in just 20 seconds!

So do you know how to make a video engaging and interesting enough for people to watch past 20 seconds? The truth is, you really want them to watch right to the end.

The secret to engaging and interesting videos is “Patternus Interruptus”. (Yes I just made that up!) Real advertisers are employing a tactic they call Pattern Interrupting. I just call it “make something move”.

People don’t want to watch an ad… they want to be entertained. As a video creator, your job is to entertain people long enough to see your message, and you can do that with VidStickers!

VidStickers are fun animated objects that you can use in just about any video making software to grab attention and keep eyes glued to your message!

Increase video engagement, keep people watching, and make more sales! Don’t just add boring still images to your videos…

VidStickers2 Review – How Does VidStickers2 Work?

How Do You Use Them?

Using VidStickers is super simple. Just open your favorite video creation software and add the element of your choice. VidStickers come in SWF, MOV, Animated GIF, and PNG so they are compatible with virtually any software that allows you to import elements.

VidStickers2 Review – VidStickers2 Special Bonuses

VidStickers2 Review and Bonus - VidStickers2

VidStickers2 Review and Bonus - VidStickers2

VidStickers2 Review and Bonus - VidStickers2

VidStickers2 Review and Bonus - VidStickers2

VidStickers2 Review and Bonus - VidStickers2

VidStickers2 Review – Conclusion/Bottom Line:

Now you can add real animation to your videos and presentations. Go ahead and use those boring slides that you bought a ton of. You still can use them and add VidStickers animations to liven up your slide. VidStickers help you tell your story with real animation. You can make videos that rival even the best animation studios! With a click. Using software you already own.


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