Viral Loop 2.0 – The Force Is Strong With This One (Don’t Let It Get Away!)


ViralLoop 2.0

ViralLoop 2.0

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.7 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • STUNNING looking designs with ONE CLICK templates OR...
  • Use the step-by-step theme designer to customise your own look
  • Social Media sharing for posts AND building your media following
  • Check a box and enable member sign ups
  • Autoresponder integration to capture member sign up leads

Viral Loop 2.0 is the all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows your users to generate custom profiles, easily generate content and share with their social circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation.

Viral Loop 2.0 Overview

What Is Viral Loop 2.0?

It’s no surprise that EVERY single successful online marketer in literally ANY niche, uses affiliate marketing in some way or another as a primary income stream.

The other asset that every person making money online understands the value of, regardless of their niche… is an email marketing list.

Ask ANY online marketer what their biggest asset is in their business I guarantee you EVERY one of them would come back to their subscribers.

Who knows?

Maybe that’s how you came to be on this page?   But, the REALLY smart guys aren’t stopping there! The top level marketers are taking things one step further still, using membership websites.

Why?  It’s been proven that when a person is a MEMBER of your website, they are 67% more likely to buy from YOU, because they feel connected to your message and part of your “tribe”.

But Wait… Stop & Breathe!

I can almost FEEL your brain melting.

If you want to make money online, YES… you SHOULD be doing affiliate marketing, email marketing and memberships are a total plus too… but… WOAH… it’s a LOT to learn and do!  But don’t worry!

In less than 2 minutes, I’ll introduce the Viral Marketing ‘secret sauce’ that combines crazy-simple profitable website creation with a never-before-seen viral traffic trick – seeing even the newest members succeeding when they had all but given up.

Introducing the world’s first viral affiliate website “Secret Sause”.

Your easy to activate website comes pre-packaged with Instanly live income Streams and Handsfree, targeted 100% Viral Traffic

Viral Loop is an Amazon Affiliate Commission, Membership Site, Email List Buiding, Viral Traffic and Content Creation Machine that Immediately Goes to Work for you.

SUPER Easy Autopilot Profit Streams From:

  • Amazon Affiliate Commissions
  • JVZoo Affiliate Commissions
  • Clickbank Affiliate Commissions
  • Adsense & Other Paid Per Click Income Streams
  • One Click Memberships
  • Instant Social Network Integration
  • Automatic Targeted
  • List Building
  • With A Website Owned 100% By YOU!

Viral Loop 2.0 is the all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows your users to generate custom profiles, easily generate content and share with their social circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation.

And thanks to the amazingly simple post creator, you can have your own viral,
money-grabbing posts up in less than 60 seconds!

The original ViralLoop theme was built as a viral list building theme, but WOW it’s evolved into so much more.

Simply Upload & Activate:

  • STUNNING looking designs with ONE CLICK templates OR…
  • Use the step-by-step theme designer to customise your own look
  • Social Media sharing for posts AND building your media following
  • Check a box and enable member sign ups
  • Autoresponder integration to capture member sign up leads
  • A whopping 17+ ways to make money by simply activating your chosen modules
  • Display different CTA’s based on logged in/or new visitor
  • Give users a reason to want to register and share with our TOPICS module
  • Members can also contribute new topics of discussion for organic (and automated) content and community growth
  • Multi-media content creator module can automatically spin your posts by enabling the integrated spinning tool.

Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Bonus - Viral Loop 2.0

How Does Viral Loop 2.0 Work?

Special Features of Viral Loop 2.0:

They have created multiple features inside of ViralLoop to give you the best flexibility and freedom.

  • Easy configuration With a full step-by-step wizard and tutorials, they will be there every step of the way to help with your set up.
  • Flexible theme You have the ability to change EVERYTHING. From layout and color to font styles, everything can easily be edited from your admin panel. (or, one click select to choose one of our prebuilt themes)
  • Advertise multiple banners Upload and rotate different banners on pre-tested prime locations, proven to maximize your CTR, putting more cash in your pocket.
  • Enable/disable membership signups Allow visitors to become members, so that they can create & share their own ‘lists’. You have full control over your growing membership base and data for each member of your website.
  • Lead capture/AR integration Connect your autoresponder to automatically capture email addresses of every new member when they create their account, so you can follow up with them and further monetize your blog.
  • Custom profiles Your members receive a profile page displaying their collections and, of course encouraging them to share it via social media for even more viral reach and hands-free traffic.
  • Display messages Admin can display different custom messages to either logged in members, or new visitors. This is perfect for keeping members up to date with your latest news and opportunities – and enticing new visitors to register.
  • Social media Add your social media links to automatically populate links to your profile pages, increasing your own social media following (All from other peoples content)
  • Social Sharing One click activation to enable social buttons on every part of potentially viral content – including the lists themselves, but also each item within those lists.
  • Theme monetization We also have the option to make money with this theme, by having an optional ‘powered by viral loop’ affiliate link added and optional affiliate banner and whenever someone else picks up ViralLoop – YOU get paid!

Sounds like a LOT Right? WELL-IN A WAY, YEAH IT IS.

You might be thinking it could all be a little overwhelming to manage such a robust theme… but don’t worry, They’ve got it all covered.

With over 10 years of experience, developing WordPress themes, plugins and software tools that people love to use, They’ve learned a little bit about creating a great user experience.

And, I don’t want to boast (too much… haha), but this is quite possibly the easiest to use product to date!

They’ve made the admin area SUPER simple to navigate with an incredible user interface.

And With Viral Loop 2.0 you can:

Viral Loop Turns Visitors Into Content Creating & Money Spending Customers

Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Bonus - Viral Loop 2.0

Each new member that joins is automatically given their own profile page, complete with profile picture, links to their own social networks, their website and a place to put their own bio.

Below their bio, they’ll see their posts, so the more active they are – the more their profile page, website links and their own social network links are shown on your website – and the more they will be inclined to share good quality posts – and lots of them!

And… the more often they post, and share, and contribute new suggestions for discussion … the bigger your site continues to grow, completely organically and 100% virally.

Your affiliate promotions are no longer just ‘ads’ on a website with a cheesy used car salesman feel to them.  

Your Adverts Become seamlessly Intergrated Cash Magmets, targeted to the topics your website visitors and members want and need and most important are willing to buy…

Viral Loop floods your website with the perfect balance between targeted cash generating Amazon product listings and unique viral content that will have Google drooling and chasing after you like an excited puppy.

But don’t just take my word for it!

People are raving about Viral Loop and the results they are seeing with this revolutionary theme.   The sheer power and flexibility of this theme is unrivalled and ease of use is like nothing you’ve experienced before

How It Works:

ViralLoop’s List Creator Tool Makes Content Creation Easy & Addictively Fun

 Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Bonus - Viral Loop 2.0

In fact – it’s SO easy… even if you don’t want other people to create content for you – this will speed up your content generation 10X!

Who Should Use Viral Loop 2.0?

They made sure everything is super simple to follow – so not only is everything point and click… They also have included full training to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing, every step of the way. Therefore, everyone can use it, as long as you are interest in marketing online and willing to make some more money using this.

And if you ever wonder if you need a blog or not?
Don’t worry, this is the easiest theme to use, there are no extra plugins to install and most settings are already included by default, and easily switched with the one click template system – and if you DO get stuck, our friendly team are ready to help.

Check out some words from the true customers:

“We all know the importance of social media.. But finding the balance between engagement and creating the right content can be tough.

With Viral loop you can do both, create amazing communities that generate the right content and then share it with their friends sending HEAPS of traffic to your site.. It’s niche lead generation powerfully combined with the benefits of word of mouth marketing, pure gold!” 

  • Simon Harries

“I love viral traffic and as soon as I saw this I was hooked. It’s an awesome must-have set up for anyone who wants to tap in to viral traffic and feed that traffic in to a targeted niche and convert in to profit. All-in-all a very cool product you need to grab and play with yourself to see just how powerful it can be.”

  • Sean Donahoe

“I’ve only spent a few minutes setting it up and I’m already seeing extreme spikes in both traffic and sales! This amazing software will be an integral part of my marketing for years to come! I almost hope that not a lot of people read this page. I would hate it if my competition got their hands on this. But since you are here reading this… I highly recommend that you grab your copy today – you will not regret it!”

  • Soren Jordansen

“Great job integrating viral video posts into the viral post creator tool, this makes creating unique curated content a breeze not just for the admin of the site, but for the people who visit too!”

  • Todd Gross

“Oh my god this is awesome!

I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into and when I realized it was a WordPress theme I honestly thought oh great, another WordPress theme; then I installed it and started playing with it. The possibilities for this are endless. Really, Impressed.”

  • Kate Bourland

“Creating engaging content is one thing, but creating VIRAL content is what counts. I was really impressed with how quick and easy it was to get a fantastic looking site created and filled with viral content.”

  • Andrew Darius

Why Should You Get Viral Loop 2.0 Now?

Just a Few minutes from now you can have your own professional looking, member-ready, content enabled and viral marketing machine of a website.

And now is your chance to become their next Viral Loop success story!

Right now you can click the order button and secure your copy at our heavily discounted early adopters price

So here’s what you need to do right now to get started.

Click the order button below and you’ll be taken to the JVZoo secure checkout page that looks like this.

Enter your regular details and they will be waiting for you on the next page with your next step.

they’ll be there each step of the way and if you discover that this just wasn’t for you after all, you can rest knowing that your purchase today is backed by their 100% money back guarantee.

Your future starts now and to make it extra sweet when you buy today you will also get 3 Incredible Bonuses to say thank you and congratulations on being an action taker.

Exclusive Bonuses From Viral Loop 2.0

Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Bonus - Viral Loop 2.0 Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Bonus - Viral Loop 2.0 Viral Loop 2.0 Review and Bonus - Viral Loop 2.0


It’s 100% free, and exponential traffic that just keeps coming and coming… what’s NOT to like?!

Your blog is going to be popular. REALLY popular when you start using Viral Loop… so make sure you’re ready for that 🙂



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