Viral Loop

Viral Loop

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

9.6 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.7 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.7 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.8 /10

Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

9.6 /10


  • Flexible theme
  • Easy configuration
  • Advertise multiple banners
  • Enable/disable membership signups
  • Lead capture/AR integration

Viral Loop is the all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators, generating custom profiles, easily building fresh content and sharing it with their social circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation.


Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop Overview

Viral Loop Review – What is Viral Loop?


Recently i have the opportunity to try out a new application called Viral Loop and i can tell you that the experience was amazing. If you are a website owner i think Viral Loop can be your perfect sidekick.  Here is what i think will help you get to know it better.  First, you should know what the Viral Loop is about.

Viral Loop is the all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators, generating custom profiles, easily building fresh content and sharing it with their social circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation.

And thanks to their amazingly simple post creator, you can have your own viral, money-grabbing posts up in less than 60 seconds!
You might be thinking it could all be a little overwhelming to manage such a robust theme… but don’t worry, they’ve got it all covered.

With over 10 years of experience, developing WordPress themes, plugins and software tools that people love to use, they’ve learned a little bit about creating a great user experience.  Moreover, the authors even announced this is quite possibly their easiest to use product to date!  They’ve made the admin area SUPER simple to navigate with an incredible user interface.

Viral Loop Review – Special Features of Viral Loop?

They have created multiple features inside of Viral Loop to give you the best flexibility and freedom!

Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Easy configuration

With a full step-by-step wizard and tutorials, they will be there every step of the way to help with your set up.

Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Flexible theme

You have the ability to change EVERYTHING. From layout and color to font styles, everything can easily be edited from your admin panel. (or, one click select to choose one of their prebuilt themes)

Advertise multiple banners

Upload and rotate different banners on pre-tested prime locations, proven to maximize your CTR, putting more cash in your pocket.


Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Enable/disable membership signups

Allow visitors to become members, so that they can create & share their own ‘lists’. You have full control over your growing membership base and data for each member of your website.


Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Lead capture/AR integration

Connect your autoresponder to automatically capture email addresses of every new member when they create their account, so you can follow up with them and further monetize your blog.

Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Custom profiles

Your members receive a profile page displaying their collections and, of course encouraging them to share it via social media for even more viral reach and hands-free traffic.


Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Display messages

Admin can display different custom messages to either logged in members, or new visitors. This is perfect for keeping members up to date with your latest news and opportunities – and enticing new visitors to register.


Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Social media

Add your social media links to automatically populate links to your profile pages, increasing your own social media following (All from other peoples content)

Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Social Sharing

 Click activation to enable social buttons on every part of potentially viral content – including the lists themselves, but also each item within those lists.


Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop
Theme monetization

They also have the option to make money with this theme, by having an optional ‘powered by viral loop’ affiliate link added and optional affiliate banner and whenever someone else picks up ViralLoop – YOU get paid!

Viral Loop Review – Why should you get Viral Loop Now?

So you know the benefits and the potential. But maybe you’re worried about the price? I mean you’re getting:

something-this-powerfulNo worry!
They want this theme in the hands of as many people as possible… Why? They have a slight ulterior motive … They would love to build a massive network of awesome websites using this theme – so that collectively they can become the next big social sharing network.

Think of it now… a huge collection of standalone operators (YOU…) each owning a piece of something potentially more addictive and interactive as Facebook.

This is why they have invested so much time and money in to making this great – and why today, they want to offer it to you for the super low price.

Viral Loop Review – How Does Viral Loop Work?

Viral Loop’s list creator tool makes content creation easy and addictively fun. The product contains a thorough tutorial to guide you step to step on the journey. They are simple to learn and easy to use so you don’t have to worry about the time you have to spend to master the procedures.




Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop Special Bonuses

But that’s not all. If you’ve ever purchased any of their previous products – you’ll now they like to give you the whole kingdom…and not just the keys to the castle.

That’s why they’ve put together 3 amazing bonuses to compliment Viral Loop and give you that extraboost for your viral blogs.

Viral Loop Review – Viral Loop

Free updates – FOR LIFE.

Get grandfathered in for all future releases including v2, v3 etc. You can update via your WordPress admin area using the built-in updater,

so you can always be assured that you have the latest version on your blog


WordPress 101 course

Don’t have a blog? No problem. They’ve put together a super simple to follow, 11 video training course to allow you to get your first website set up quickly and without any stress.


Exclusive Viral Loop Webinar Event

 They are going to be putting on an exclusive webinar event for all our customers to show you exactly how they use Viral Loop in their day to day business and how you can get the maximum potential out of it!

And guess what, Viral Loop is backed by their no-risk, iron-clad 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


They are so confident that you’ll LOVE Viral Loop that they want you to try it out on as many sites as you like – and if you don’t see a huge traffic spike or if you aren’t getting more sign ups and sales, just request your money back and they friendly support team will refund your purchase, no drama.

Viral Loop Review – Conclusion/Bottom Line:

To sum up, Viral Loop can be extremely helpful for you if you are establishing your website and your blog but have problem with the design or poor views.

The product is easy to use with a very friendly environment and it contains thorough tutorials for newcomers. Moreover, it has multi-niche purposes for specific demands so you can freely decide what you want for your websites.


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