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Voice Stakk

Voice Stakk

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

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Customer support - Turn around time

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • Easy to manage, play and download messages.
  • Wide variety of professionally designed widgets and CTA buttons.
  • Automatically upload videos to YouTube account.
  • Automatically add visitors to email auto-responder for follow-up.
  • Embed anywhere.

What if there was a way to build your email list, create social proof, while providing unrivaled customer/visitor support. Let see this following Voice Stakk review in detail.

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Have you ever gotten to the point where you are ready to pull out your hair because you can’t figure out why your page or offer isn’t converting…?

Have you ever thought about simply listening?

Too many marketers make changes BLINDLY…without any type of REAL data to back up their assumptions. Which is why we just started using Voice Stakk on one of our sites – and the results were staggering!

Voice Stakk allows you to capture voice and video messages from YOUR site visitors and customers.

Check out the 120% boost in sales this little, but powerful app created – with only about 2 minutes of work – and LISTENING to their visitors.

Whats super cool is how you can build your email list – while also gathering testimonials AND feedback – all at the SAME time!

Voice Stak review bonus

Voice Stakk is today’s solution which is changing the way that site owners interact and engage with their visitors as well as customer.


Voice Stakk blends List Building – Branding – and Customer Support into ONE. It truly is the TRIPLE threat!

With a little piece of code and 2 minutes, you can start collecting voice AND video messages on your websites.

Perfect for:

– Website/Software Feedback.
– Visitor/Customer Testimonials.
– Real Intelligence for Real Visitors.
– Email Subscribers & Loyal Followers.

Backed by robust features and integrations – it takes engagement and support to a NEW LEVEL.

The Simplest Way to Generate Visitor/Customer Feedback,
Testimonials & Email Subscribers…At the Same Time!

Easy manage, play and download every message that is collected in all of your campaigns – at a glance.  Capture both audio and video messages.

Voice Stak review bonus

Choose between a wide variety of professionally designed widgets and CTA buttons that you can place on your site so visitors can leave a message for you.

Have your video messages automatically uploaded to your YouTube account for easy embed onto your site. It also help you capture Voice and Video messages Directly from your website.

Voice Stak review bonus

Automatically add visitors to your email auto-responder for follow-up, promotional emails and customer satisfaction surveys.

Have each message can be transcribed or sent a video link, then delivered directly to your phone and/or email – for instant monitoring and follow-up.

Integrate your existing help desk to allow visitors to automatically submit a support ticket when leaving their voice message.

It provides you a light-weight piece of Javascript code that you simply paste onto your website. Place your Voice Stakk widget anywhere. Add to sales pages, membership sites, squeeze pages, webinar pages, support desk…literally anywhere you can embed the few lines of javascript code.

Voice Stack review bonus

Voice Stakk works great with literally any type of site…

Voice Stak review bonus



WATCH VOICE STAKK IN ACTION – you will see how innovative this app is and how it totally changes the game for visitor/customer interaction!

Voice Stack.png

Instead of “assuming” you know what your visitors or customers are thinking – ask them!

By gathering REAL intelligence you can:

  • Improve your website usability
  • Provide superior customer service
  • Find issues with your checkout process
  • Gather product/service feedback
  • Generate new/more sales
  • Add video testimonials
  • Add audio clips for podcasts

Overall…create HAPPIER visitors and customers!


If you haven’t checked out the demo – go now.  This is going to change how marketers and site owners engage and interact with their website visitors.

Start gathering…

– Website/Software Feedback.
– Visitor/Customer Testimonials.
– Real Intelligence for Real Visitors.
– Email Subscribers & Loyal Followers.

Voice Stakk‘s LIFETIME accounts are available for 7 days only.

Get Voice Stakk for your site!

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After the 7 day launch special, Voice Stakk accounts will cost a monthly/annual fee.

So NOW is the time to lock in a lifetime account and use Voice Stakk forever – with no ongoing costs!

There are literally 1001 different ways to utilize the power of Voice Stakk – this is a MUST in any marketers toolkit.


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