Vyper Viral Leaderboard – The Software That Helps You Grow Email List And Social Following Daramatically With Fun Gamification


Vyper Viral Leaderboard

Vyper Viral Leaderboard

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  • Waiting list
  • Engagement Campaign
  • Use it for your clients

Vyper Viral Leaderboard is the software that helps you grow your email list and social following dramatically with fun gamification.

What Is Vyper Viral Leaderboard?

As internet marketers, we also know that the money is always on the list. However, we sometimes have a problem with the old way to grow our list while online marketing is changing day by day. This means we do need to change our business as well.

Growing and tending our list is a necessary activity. However, the old ways of growing list are not still the most efficient one because traditional list building gives no incentive for people to talk about and share your brand. Also, referral marketing features are not built in regular list building tools so that you cannot get the viral lift with no referral features. Finally, in case your no virality consists in your campaign, you will be missed out on the true power of social media.

Vyper Viral Leaderboard is the software that helps you grow your email list and social following dramatically with fun gamification. It is an addictive and fun way to grow your email list, brand awareness.

You set the prize, fulfill the contest template page and then set tasks for contestants to complete to collect points. When your contestants enter your contest, they can see where they stand on a “leaderboard.” Then contestants try and climb the leaderboard by referring their friends, following you on social media and completing custom actions. Also contestants can unlock rewards by collecting a certain amount of entry points which you select.

As soon as the Beta version of this software was ready, the result speaks for itself when it was launched a test contest are:

  • Emails Collected: 7,000+
  • Instagram Followers: 850+
  • Facebook Group Members: 350+
  • Twitter Followers: 3,000+
  • Pinterest Followers: 2,500+
  • Youtube Subscribers: 500+

If you plan on growing your email list effectively, let’s take a look at my Vyper Viral Leaderboard Review to know what benefits you can get from it.

Vyper Viral Leaderboard - Review and bonus - Vyper Viral Leaderboard

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How Does Vyper Viral Leaderboard Work?

Watch this video below to discover the way Vyper change your list building:

Special Features of Vyper Viral Leaderboard:

Here are several campaigns that you can launch bu using Vyper Viral Leaderboard:

Waiting list: You can use this Leaderboard as a waiting list to give priority access to high ranked when you want to launch a new product.

Engagement Campaign: It supports you to engage your customers in friendly, fun competition to keep them interested in your new offering and products.

Use it for your clients: also, you can freely create campaigns for your offline clients.

How It Works:

The procedure is relatively simple for you to use. It concludes three steps:

Step 1: Create a gorgeous contest landing page

Vyper Viral Leaderboard - Review and bonus - Vyper Viral Leaderboard

In this step, you can create a gorgeous and high-converting contest landing page withing less than 15 minutes. Thanks to it, you are able to understand completely the power of the Leaderboard.

Step 2: You contestants climb the leaderboard

Vyper Viral Leaderboard - Review and bonus - Vyper Viral Leaderboard

You contestants will get more entry point through sharing you contest, referring your new email and following you con social media as well as completing other actions that you choose.

Step 3: Grow your list

When the contest is working, you can see the number of people who opted in, referred and filter out any cheaters. Then, you may sync with your favorite email service or export the list via a CSV file.

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Why Should You Get Vyper Viral Leaderboard Now?

There are several benefits that users can get by using Vyper Viral Leaderboard:

Make your contests mobile: This means Vyper is optimized the contents pages and viral leaderboard features to work perfectly on all types of portable devices.

Tap into the best of word-of-mouth marketing: As marketers, we all known that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to market product but it is not really cheap. Viral Leaderboard makes it easier to grow your email list and build social sharing into your core marketing strategy.

You can save money from cost per acquisition (CPA): It is sound great? Because every lead you acquire is incentivized to share for you, you will get more return for your back. Generally, it is 15% traffic on average around a competition when using Viral Leaderboards.

What’s more?

This products also helps you build brand loyalty via prizes and interaction. This means you can interact with your customers, give them rewards and get profits. Brand that interact directly with customers sees huge returns.

Here is some proofs that users have been getting results to show that Vyper Viral Leaderboard is working:


  • Emails Collected: 2,229
  • Sales Generated: $14,000+
  • Facebook Reactions: 171% Increase
  • Web Traffic: 7.2% Increase


  • Emails: 8,178
  • Social Followers: 5,235
  • Clicks to Website: 1,314
  • App Downloads: 100+


  • Emails: 4,290+ in 15 days
  • YouTube Followers: 2,000% increase
  • Facebook Followers: 3,037

Also, some of the biggest marketers are already used Viral Leaderboard.

Here are some feedbacks from users of Vyper Viral Leaderboard:

“I had been attracting 10, 20, or 30 subscribers a day via other methods, but when I created a valid, highly targeted giveaway contest, my email subscribers spiked.”  – According to Nate Goodman, Author

Vin Clancy, co-founder of growth agency MagnificHQ, TechStars Alum, named “The Best Underground Growth Hacker in the World” also said: “Looks like VYPER is one of the best new growth hacking tools of 2016, damn.”

In addition, there are several awesome free bonuses:

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Exclusive Bonuses From Vyper Viral Leaderboard:

Bonus #1: Free product to give away

Vyper Viral Leaderboard - Review and bonus - Vyper Viral Leaderboard

Youzign Graphics Bonanza is included with hundreds of Youzign-made free graphics that you can make use to create your Vyper contest.

Bonus #2: Viral Academy: How to create products with a bang

Vyper Viral Leaderboard - Review and bonus - Vyper Viral Leaderboard

The VYPER and Youzign team collaborated to create this never-released video training course on the way to launch products with a bang.


To conclude, with Vyper Viral Leaderboard, no matter you have no audience, you just have to creative with how you initially “seed” your contest. This software will go in-depth with the way you can send your contest list and see the viral growth.

In this review, I hope you can find some useful information about Vyper Viral Leaderboard. Don’t hesitate for such an amazing product!

Thanks for coming by my Vyper Viral Leaderboard Review and Bonus. See you with next review in the next days!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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