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Weekend Profit Blueprint

Weekend Profit Blueprint

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  • Comprehensive Theory Training.
  • Detailed Practical Training.
  • 21 Over The Shoulder Training Videos.
  • Guidance at Every Step.
  • Get Started Within Minutes.

Have you hear about John Koen’s Weekend Profit Blueprint? Yap, It really is the easiest and fastest way to get a product up for sale starting from zero. In fact, he designed the whole program so it can be done in a weekend.

Let see this following review in detail.

Weekend Profit Blueprint review bonusWEEKEND PROFIT BLUEPRINT – OVERVIEW

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Weekend Profit Blueprint is a comprehensive video training program that walks you step-by-step through an entire process of turning regular PLR into a comprehensive product that solves the most burning needs of your market.

The program is setup to allow people to build an information product and get it ready for sale in a weekend. It’s a proven and repeatable process that leverages high quality PLR to get you from idea to a ready to sell product in a weekend.

The front end includes all training material to allow internet marketers of any level to implement the program and profit from our training!


Here are what you would possess in a Weekend Profit Blueprint package:

  • PDF Ebook & Checklists

    The entire blueprint is presented in a comprehensive Ebook and a set of checklists to keep you on track. You can print out the checklists to keep you focused and motivated.

  • Comprehensive Theory Training

    10 Video Lessons outline each component of the Weekend Profit Blueprint in detail with resources and examples for each topic. Each lesson is available in PDF, MP3, and MP4 downloadable formats.

  • Detailed Practical Training

    Watch over my shoulder as I walk through the entire Weekend Profit Blueprint process and create a brand new product right in front of you. You see every step of the way so you can follow along as your create your own product.

  • 21 Over The Shoulder Training Videos
    Watch me create a product in a weekend with 21 screen recording videos that gives you an in depth inside look into the product creation process.
  • Guidance at Every Step
Not only do you have access to me via support, you will also get access to an exclusive Facebook group to mastermind with like minded people on the same journey as you.
  • Get Started Within Minutes

    You will get immediate access via a dedicated login to the entire members area and all resources. You can get started in just a few minutes.

This Weekend Profit Blueprint product is designed to have a simple 4 phases approach to get you from product idea to marketing sakes in a weekend:

Phase 1 – Product Idea

Phase 1 is all about your product idea and how to find high quality PLR to source a product from. We will cover how to mind map your product and how to properly leverage PLR material in the development of your product outline.

Weekend Profit Blueprint review bonus

Phase 2 – Product Development

Phase 2 is all about rapid product development using high quality PLR. Working with the planning material in Phase 1 you will quickly edit the PLR material to add massive value. I also show you how to quickly and easily create an audio book and video training material.

Weekend Profit Blueprint review bonus

Phase 3 – Website Construction

In Phase 3 I demonstrate how to build a comprehensive membership site to host your product. You will watch me create an entire membership website using WordPress and OptimizePress.

Weekend Profit Blueprint review bonus

Phase 4 – Creating Sales Material

In Phase 4 I demonstrate how to create the sales material for your new product. I show you the tricks I use to quickly create a high converting sales page for your new product. I also demonstrate how to connect your product and membership site to the JVZoo affiliate platform and get everything ready to start selling your product.

Weekend Profit Blueprint review bonus


With Weekend Profit Blueprint included over 30 videos, you will be showed the entire process from finding quality PLR material to building the product website and getting the product ready for sale.

It is an easy-to-use tool. You just follow along as John use the process to build a brand new product and put it up for sale online.

Weekend Profit Blueprint show you every step in the process so you can follow along with me and duplicate exactly what it displays.

Passive income streams, they are the holy grail of being a marketer. Set them up and just spend a few hours a month to maintain them.


You might be and not even realize it. You could be working much harder than you really need to in creating your products. There are some very simple shortcuts you can take to make things much easier and faster.

One of those shortcuts is coming up with your base solution, the main problem you are going to solve.

You don’t need to “reinvent the wheel” and come up with a totally new way to solve problem for your market. Yes you will solve the problem in a unique way that’s perfect for your market. The shortcut comes in when you start with the same base solution.

The hard work of figuring out a simple way to solve your audience’s problem has already been solved before. I hate to break it to you but it’s true. That solution that you are going to go figure out on your own already exists, so don’t go and re-create it.

This jumpstart is where the real value is with PLR. You can use the solution in a PLR product that solves a very similar problem to what you are trying to solve for your market. You can (and should) use it as a framework to develop your own wiz-bang solution that your audience will fall all over themselves to buy from you.

This can save you hours and hours of work. This is how some of the most successful marketers can pump out great products very quickly. They start with a proven solution and add their own twist to it.

That’s exactly what John Koen teaches in his latest training Weekend Profit Blueprint. He shows you how to do exactly what I’m talking about in just a weekend.

It’s not difficult or time consuming once you have a head start. He’s currently doing a launch special price, but it won’t last long.

Do yourself a favor and start implementing this shortcut in your business.

Weekend Profit Blueprint is a step-by-step easy to follow course that is the real deal. So is the price, but not for long!

I highly recommend you pick this up today (the price is going up soon) and book time this weekend to get your next (or first) product created so you can build passive income. For less than the cost of a take out lunch you can be well on your way to creating truly passive income.

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