WHITEBOARD POWER KIT – Not Hundreds, Not Thousands, MILLIONS Of Whiteboard Image Options.


Whiteboard Power Kit

Whiteboard Power Kit

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            • Available in Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, PNG, and SVG formats.
            • Millions of Whiteboard image Options.
            • Unlimited combine and multiply.
            • Edit & color SVG and SWF Power Vector files.
            • Customizable whiteboard character art, animated stickman with 11 different emotions...

            Whiteboard Power Kit is a massive collection of Whiteboard art, animations, stickmen, and character art provided in SVG and SWF “Power Vector” formats.

            Whiteboard Power Kit review and bonus


            • Homepage: Whiteboard Power Kit
            • Product Name: Whiteboard Power Kit
            • Type of Product: WhiteBoard Graphics Pack 
            • Authors: Joel Comm and Scott Hamlin
            • Target niche: Video Marketing, Graphics Pack for Video Marketing, Video Marketing Optimization.
            • Official Price: $27
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            Whiteboard Power Kit is a massive collection of Whiteboard art, animations, stickmen, and character art provided in SVG and SWF “Power Vector” formats.

            You’ve probably seen the release of awesome new video production tools like VideoMakerFX and EasySketchPro. They have quickly become  the top two selling products on JVZoo…of all time.

            …and really it’s not hard to see why–Whiteboard videos convert–up to 150% more than other video styles.

            But as awesome as those tools truly are, if you’re like Whiteboard video you still need MORE art for in order to fit your message.

            With so many people buying those products, the last thing you want to do is use their templates without at least doing a little bit to make them your own.

            Well now you can skip paying custom artists $25, $50, or even $100 an hour…

            …and get a HUGE collection of customizable hand drawn art for pennies on the dollar.

            Why settle for only Hundreds of Whiteboard images or even Thousands when you can have MILLION?




            1. This art is available in Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, PNG, and SVG formats:

            • Flash and PNG work great with VideoMakerFX.
            • SVG is perfect for EasySketchPro and Videoscribe.

            2. Not only that but you’ll get videos on how to use the art with VideoMakerFX, EasySketchPro, Keynote, PowerPoint, and more.

            If you’re using programs like VideoMakerFX, EasySketchPro, Keynote, PowerPoint, ScreenFlow, Camtasia and others to make Whiteboard videos you’ll want to check this out!

            3. And as a bonus:

            I offer the new Easy Vector Editor desktop App (available on PC and Mac) so you can edit and combine the art into millions of possible combinations.

            HOW ABOUT COLOR? 



            With Easy Vector Editor:

            • you can CHANGE the color however you like.
            • This App allows you to edit, combine & color SVG and/or SWF Power Vector files and output to SVG, SWF (AD3 for compatibility with Explaindio and VideoMakerFX), PNG, and JPEG.

            WHAT’S A “POWER VECTOR”?

            • A Power Vector is a specially formatted SWF that works with Easy Vector Editor and our Super Slides so that you can color them however you like.
            • Plus in our Super Slides you can apply different animations to them simply by entering different options in a text field!

            Your Whiteboard Options Can Be Nearly Unlimited Combine And Multiply With Ease

            4. Hundreds of Single Line SVG files the can be combined in over a hundred thousand ways

            This App allowing you to create art that is drawn with programs like Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, and VideoScribe like a normal human draws.

            Plus customizable whiteboard character art, animated stickman with 11 different emotions, whiteboard animations and more!

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