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  • • NO INSTALLATION REQUIRED: WordRecon is completely cloud-based and works directly on PCs and Macs without installation.
  • • FULLY MOBILE RESPONSIVE: WordRecon works beautifully on mobile devices and phones, and is designed to be used anywhere.
  • • IDENTIFY TRENDS QUICKLY: The only tool that displays the number of occurences of each word in search results.
  • • SUFFIX & RECURSIVE SEARCH: Intensive search options allow in-depth keyword research to be performed in any market/niche.
  • • ASTERISK WILDCARD SEARCH: Uncover higly targeted and relevant keywords that match search terms exactly.

Real quickWordRecon has just gone live! In case you missed it yesterday, WordRecon is the brand new, cloud-based keyword tool that lets you tap into the most profitable “autosuggest keywords” that Google’s Keyword Planner usually hides from you.

WordRecon Overview

What is WordRecon?

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon

Real quick – WordRecon has just gone live! In case you missed it yesterday, WordRecon is the brand new, cloud-based keyword tool that lets you tap into the most profitable “autosuggest keywords” that Google’s Keyword Planner usually hides from you.

Unlike most keyword research tools on the market, WordRecon does not use data from Google Keyword Planner which is filtered and generalized for paid advertising. Instead, it harnesses keywords from a whopping 12 keyword suggestion sources which means WordRecon is built from the ground up to uncover:

It also feeds you data from 12 of the internet’s top search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing…

(If search or SEO is your thing.)

From YouTube, Google Play, & Wikipedia…

(If content is your thing.)

From Target, Wal-Mart, Etsy, & Amazon…

(If physical products & e-Commerce is your thing.)

Listen, do I need to keep going?

Fact of the matter is that if you’re using any of the “old” methods of researching keywords, you’re just NOT finding all the best & most profitable keywords regular people are typing into search engines every single day.

The sooner you click the link below, the sooner you can fix this.

And start profiting from it.


How Does WordRecon Work?


WordRecon is designed to be so simple to use yet incredibly powerful, packing a punch under its deceptively simple interface.


Give your customers a true bird’s eye view of what millions of real people are actively searching for everyday

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon

Why should you get WordRecon Now?

It’s no secret that e-Commerce is HUGE in the online marketing world right now.

Amazon. FBA. Shopify. Even flipping products on eBay is still big.

And I’m sure you want to cash in & claim your share of all the cash being spent.

Only thing about e-Commerce is that sometimes products can be a bit of a gamble.

Even if you can do the right type of research to find out what is & isn’t selling, that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be putting those products in front of the right people.

WordRecon can help. WordRecon is your ultimate solution to find all the super-profitable, highly-targeted, and most-often searched for keywords that Google is HIDING from you.

Think about it for a minute:

Knowing what products are selling is definitely top-notch information you want to know to grow your e-Commerce business.

But how are people FINDING those products?

I mean, if someone goes to Amazon or eBay or Etsy or Wal-Mart or Target and types something into the website search bar…

Isn’t that because they’re looking for something to buy?

Of course it is!

How valuable would it be to your e-Commerce efforts to know all the top terms people are searching for when they’re going to the internet’s biggest online retailers?

Hugely valuable.

More than that:

What if you knew the Top 3 products listed on Amazon for every keyword you find?

(Now you know what they’re buying after they do a search.)

Or even what the top departments are that people go to after searching for something?

If you’re anything like me, your mind is probably already racing at everything you could do with all this “deep-dive” type consumer data.

And better yet, how you can turn that data into more sales.

I could keep going, but your best bet is to continue to read this & go learn more about WordRecon for yourself.

Because the sooner you do, the sooner you can be using all this cool new information to bring more customers…and sales…into your store.

How it Work:


WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon


The best way to discover keywords, as proven by thousands of successful websites, is to use the very keywords that are auto-suggested by search engines. There’s a reason why these keywords are so effective: they are exactly what people are searching for.

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordReconWordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon


With support for 5 e-commerce keyword suggestion sources, in addition to the major search engines, there’s no better way to uncover tens of thousands of lucrative buyer keywords that can help them get in front of buyers moments before their purchases.

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon


The riches are in the niches. Indeed, there are often so many niches they can find in a single market that they will always come across several that are being neglected or overlooked. These low-hanging fruits are easy opportunities waiting for them to tap

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon


There is no better way to find profitable opportunities than to turn one’s attention to the pain points of people. Identify a burning pain or frustration in any target audience, and selling a solution that solves that pain for this audience will be easier than they think.

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon


WordRecon is a long tail keywords powerhouse. By using data from 12 keyword suggestion sources, they will uncover significantly more long tail keywords with little competition than with Google Keyword Planner or any other keyword research tools.

WordRecon Review and Bonus - WordRecon


There are very few places where one can find out the exact search phrases people are typing into e-commerce websites. WordRecon enables them to access these keywords, giving them game-changing insights to succeed in their e-commerce business.

Bottom Line:

With WordRecon’s unique cloud-based search tool, you can find all these super-profitable keywords that almost nobody else (including your competition) even know exist.

More than that:

WordRecon also aggregates data from places like Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, Etsy, Fiverr, & even Wikipedia.

Imagine knowing what people are searching for in YouTube or Wikipedia if you’re looking to create awesome new content.

Or knowing what people look for the most at Target, Wal-Mart, or Amazon if you’re in e-Commerce.

Or what categories are the most popular in Amazon, as well as the top products for each keyword if you’re looking to setup quick & easy affiliate sites.

I could keep going…but you “get it”.

Your wallet and bank account will thank you for this.



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