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WP Content Ranker

WP Content Ranker

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  • Dissect Google Top 10 Results
  • Reverse Engineer your competitors
  • Build Page 1 Ready Optimized Content
  • Scan and Revive Old Posts
  • Get Social Signals and Links

WP Content Ranker is the brand new plugin which helps you uncover the secrets to page 1 of Google for any keyword in any niche.

WP Content Ranker Overview

  • Homepage: WP Content Ranker Official Site
  • Product Name: WP Content Ranker 
  • Type of Product: WP Plugin
  • Authors: Abbas Ravji
  • Target niche: RANK in Google for ANY Keyword, The Exact Steps Needed to Create & RANK Your Very Own Content. Perfect Companion for ANY WordPress site that actually helps you RANK.
  • Official Price: $17 – $27

What Is WP Content Ranker?

As a marketer, you want to boost your targeted traffic, increase engagement and improve ranking?

However, there are several steps and guides out there, and you do not know exactly where you should start…

Now, with a brand new plugin namely WP Content Ranker, you are able to rank in Google with ease.

WP Content Ranker is the brand new plugin which helps you uncover the secrets to page 1 of Google for any keyword in any niche. It is the perfect companion for any WordPress site that actually helps you rank.

WP Content Ranker Analyses sites that RANK in Google. It reveals why each site RANKS well, how they optimize to RANK and what you will need to secure a Page 1 Ranking. Also, this plugin includes the refreshing content logic which helps you rank for more keywords, get indexed for more terms and increase targeted traffic.

The Social Syndication Features included will assist you to increase social signals, leverage authority and boost social awareness. The content generation features let you create optimized content, “Drag & Drop” easy without writing a single line of text.

WP Content Ranker - review and bonus - WP Content Ranker

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How Does WP Content Ranker Work?

What Will You Get From WP Content Ranker:

Here are a lot of features inside this product:

  • Dissect Google Top 10 Results – It will show you the way to rank on page 1 for ANY Keyword
  • Reverse Engineer your competitors – You will know why they RANK and get data to RANK higher
  • Build Page 1 Ready Optimized Content – Drag and Drop Easy (it is actually fun)
  • Scan and Revive Old Posts – Add content that makes Google fall in love and ranks you higher
  • Get Social Signals and Links – Syndicate content, leverage authority and rank higher
  • Add an Interactive Tabbed Area – Boost engagement, get indexed and RANKED for more terms
  • Uncover Hidden LSI Terms – Boost content relevancy, RANK even higher and become the Authority
  • Authority Advanced content Rotation Logic – Get indexed for more terms and increase freshness scores
  • Search YouTube for Top Ranking Videos – See what’s ranking and embed multimedia in your posts
  • Fully Integrated with Spin rewriter and The Best Spinner – Easily spin your content
  • Full Proxy support – Control what IP’s requests are made from, you are in full control
  • Works with ANY WP Install and Any Theme – So you can be sure to get results

Additionally, you can start with five easy ways below to benefit from WP Content Ranker

1 – RANK In Google and Increase Traffic

Create page 1 worthy content, rank in Google and increase traffic.

WP Content Ranker - review and bonus - WP Content Ranker

WP Content Ranker will enable you to rank on page 1, see what content that Google ranks and loves by analyzing for your keyword and then build your optimized content.

Reverse engineering sites that RANK in Google is a tried and tested method used by almost all of the top SEO marketers. WP Content Ranker will allow you do it easily.

2 – Reverse Engineer Competitors and Become the Authority

Reverse engineer competitors, know how they rank and become the competitor to beat.

WP Content Ranker - review and bonus - WP Content Ranker

WP Content Ranker reverse engineers Google for ANY Keyword, in ANY language, and for any niche. It also works with ANY Google location of your choice.

It will display the exact titles, the headings used, images added, the actual content and special LSI terms used by each site that ranks in Google.

The special terms are put together by cross-referencing each ranking site with one another. This identifies the most important terms required to hit page 1 for your targeted keyword.

The data, terms, and insights given by the plugin will allow you to construct optimized content for yourself that is better than your competitors.

Discover, Curate and Share Highly Relevant Content, Become the Authority & Rank on Page 1.

Use WP Content Ranker to query the search engines for finding highly relevant content, Pick, choose and then Drag & Drop it into your content area for curation.

Publish your curated content and then share it with the world on social sites. You will be able to curate and publish world class content time after time. Something that will make Google fall in Love!

3 – Boost Social Popularity with only a Few Clicks

You can simply click a button to share your posts and pages on social sites for even more signals and links.

Boost social signals, Leverage Authority and Get Targeted Traffic

WP Content Ranker enables you to syndicate every WordPress post to social sites which will boost social signals and targeted traffic. Having a reliable link back from the social site allows you to leverage social authority for each post you syndicate.

4 – RANK for More Keywords and Boost Targeted Traffic

RANK in Google for more keywords, boost targeted traffic and increase conversions.

WP Content Ranker - review and bonus - WP Content Ranker

WP Content Ranker has Advanced Content Rotation logic built into it. This feature allows you to add multiple pieces of content to your posts. The content of your posts will then change and get rotated with each page refresh enabling them to be indexed and found for more keywords.

This feature provides the Search Engine Robots with new content to index. It also makes your site appear like it is being updated more frequently and provides new content for returning visitors.

Boost Engagement and Make your Posts Look Beautiful

WP Content Ranker allows you to add a style and interactive tabbed area to all your posts. This area uses styled accordion themes so to match ANY blogs theme. These tabs encourage more interaction from site visitors and make your posts less cluttered and more pleasant to the eye.

The interactive tabbed area can be used to show additional written content on the topic of the post AND to display visual images, memes or embedded videos.

5 – Auto Generate Content that RANKS (Drag and Drop Easy)

Analyze Page 1 ranking content and generate optimized content for yourself (Drag and Drop easily)

Create Optimized Content without having to write a single line of text yourself

You are able to pick and choose content, slice and dice it, then spin it using the spinning features. This makes your content 100% unique and optimized ready to RANK inside of Google. The Drag and Drop features make the plugin super simple to work with, and you are going to love it.

How It Works:

You can take advantage of WP Content Ranker quickly through 3 simple steps:


Install Plugin and Configure settings


Analyze Competitors, Create posts and Syndicate Content


Watch Your Rankings and Traffic Increase

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Who Should Use WP Content Ranker?

WP Content Ranker is ideal for those who are:

  • Bloggers
  • Online marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Offline marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Video marketers
  • SEO pros

Moreover, for anyone who wants to rank their site in the top results of Google.

Why Should You Get WP Content Ranker Now?

Here are several reasons why you should use WP Content Ranker to rank your page:

By using WP Content Ranker, you are able to:

  • Dissect Google’s Top 10 RESULTS – Become the Competition to beat
  • Analyze your competitors – Know why they rank and get data to rank higher
  • Build Page 1 Ready Optimized Content – Drag and Drop easy
  • Scan and Revive Old posts – using content that makes Google fall in love
  • Get Social Signals and Links – Syndicate content, build authority and Rank Even Higher

Know Exactly How Easy and Difficult it Will be to RANK in Google

Keyword Difficulty Scoring System WP Content Ranker Queries Google for your keyword and analysis each one of the RANKING sites URL metrics with Moz. It will get the Page Authority, Domain Authority and the total number of backlinks for each site.

WP Content Ranker then provides each site with a unique score and then averages everything out to give you a difficulty score for when wanting to rank in Google for that keyword.

The actual keyword difficulty scoring system is fully customizable and can be fine tuned to your liking.

Uncover Hidden LSI Terms and RANK Even Higher

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing. These are terms that have a relationship with your main keyword. These terms should be used when you write your content. Think of them as hidden words and phrases that build up your content theme. They are terms that Google associates with the Keyword your trying to RANK for.

By using LSI terms in your content, you are able to produce content that is highly relevant to your topic. You will be able to cover ALL areas and be in a position to become the Authority in Your Niche.

WP Content Ranker will cross-reference the text used on the top 10 ranking sites in Google. It will analyze the words, terms, and phrases used, as well as it reveals the most important terms displaying them in order of popularity. These are the key LSI terms that should be used in your content.

Likewise, the plugin enables you to scan your own existing text to identify which terms have been used and which ones you should focus on.

Let’s see what top marketers said about this product

“I have used WP Content Ranker over the past couple of months as a part of the beta testing team. In that time, I have seen issues and requests being quickly dealt with by the development team and witnessed this plugin go from being useful to being an essential asset to my content creation process.

To call it a plugin is a bit of an understatement really. The power and features make this a true PRO TOOL that floods your document creativity with ideas.

For me, one of the key features was the ability to download data from the top 10 search results as a CSV. This gives me an at-a-glance way of seeing all the important data in one place and how I can combine the data for real power ranking.

I have used WP Content Ranker on a highly competitive CPA niche site and seen the rankings gradually improving with every page I optimize.

This tool is not a quick fix page builder; it is a pro tool for pro bloggers and content creators who care about what goes on their sites. It is for those who want to take control of their SERPs, climb to the top and stay there for the long game”, said Tony Grant, Business & Internet Marketing professional.

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To end with, you will be given a PDF guide along with video tutorials showing you how to work with each feature from this product.

It is all of my WP Content Ranker review and bonus. I hope that you will find some useful information about this product. Do not hesitate for such an amazing product.

Thanks so much for your reading and see you in my next review!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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