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WP Link Shield

WP Link Shield

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  • Doesn't use redirects so visitors never see the raw unaffiliated links.
  • It is social media friendly with Opengraph meta images & descriptions.
  • It monitors for dead/expired affiliate links & mails you problems.
  • It creates an automatic affiliate offer summary page using a simple shortcode.
  • It redirects dead & expired links to a page of your choice or your

WP Link Shield is new link cloaking tool gives you that saves you $100s in lost commissions. Let see this following review in detail.

WP Link Shield review bonus



WP Links Shield is a TOTALLY NEW link cloaking & management tool that’s purpose built for Affiliate Marketers:

– It never displays the raw link like conventional cloakers so your links are protected.

– It’s social media friendly with Opengraph meta images & descriptions.

– It monitors for dead/expired affiliate links & mails you problems.

– It creates an automatic affiliate offer summary page using a simple shortcode.

– It redirects dead & expired links to a page of your choice or your “offer summary page”.

– It allows you to redirect your 404s to a page of your choice or an “offer summary page”.

– It makes your affiliate links look natural with your site name and maintaining your site branding.

It’s extremely SIMPLE TO USE & once installed you can control & edit ALL your affiliate links from the WP Dashboard.


WP Link Shield review bonus

How Affiliates Lose Up To 30% Commission Without Knowing It

During a recent product launch, we discovered something quite SHOCKING.

According to our server logs, approximately 10% of visitors were landing on the sales page, immediately switched browser!

Despite the fact that we purely monetize offers with affiliate traffic, we have a constant 10.7% non-affiliate purchases on almost every launch.

We found this is mostly down to users switching browser and sharing the raw, unaffiliated link with others.

With WP Link Shield, affiliates never need to worry again as the url in the browser is always the affiliates link.

NEVER Worry About Broken Affiliate Links Again

No one has the time to keep track of all their affiliate links. Many offers expire and from time to time visitors will see broken domains and pages.

WP Link Shield automatically detects dead links and broken sites, then redirects traffic back to your site, where the visitor is presented with a live offer list of your choice automatically!

You need not do anything, the plugin does a regular scan at your interval choice that identifies problems and redirects dead, expired and problematic links.

WP Link Shield review bonus WP Link Shield review bonus

WP Link Shield:


Most affiliates have no idea that they are losing 10-30% Commission every day.

It is obvious that they are losing their AFFILIATE INCOME by using WRONG affiliate cloaking tools.

If losing 10% is not bad enough many affiliates are unaware of the HUGE affiliate revenue losses when:

– using ugly shortened garbage links – this decreases visitor trust.

– using redirected cloaked links as these are often flagged & blocked by social networks.

– sending traffic to dead or expired links.

– using cloaked links without meta data on social sites – lack of descriptions & images reduces clicks

Until now affiliate marketers have been haemorrhaging $1000’s per year.

Chris Hitman & team discovered that many affiliates were NOT getting paid commissions. In fact affiliates lose an average 10.7% sales commissions throughout the year just bad cloaking and up to 30% of affiliate income was lost through BAD LINK management.

Here is how!

Chris dug into the issue and found 7 HUGE COMMISSION LEAKS that are costing affiliates thousands dollars

  1. Link Leaks

This is where users click on an affiliate link then switch browsers

  1. Referral Leaks

This is where visitors share the RAW visible link rather than the affiliate link

  1. Link Decay

This is where affiliate offers are removed, sites or pages expire

  1. Social Blocking

This is where social sites block a marketplace

  1. Link Trust

This is where the aff link looks random & ugly … this increases visitor distrust

  1. Blank Social Metas

Where there’s no Meta image or description for your page – reduces click rates & commissions.

  1. Bad Link Management

Often there’s no way to edit your affiliate links at a future time so you can reroute that traffic to better, newer offers

Chris says that If you are using any link cloaking services right now paid or otherwise – you are LOSING $1000’s per year

WP Link Shield was created to protect your affiliate links, make links look natural, make them social friendly, auto manage broken links & maximize your affiliate income.


The product works instantly to help you reduce your affiliate commission loses & maximize your income – it’s the best affiliate link cloaking & management tool in its class bar none.

Right now it’s on EXCLUSIVE PRE-LAUNCH OFFER for selected affiliates & subscribers. Price is guaranteed to be lower than launch price + you get developer rights, all launch bonuses & Version 1 updates.

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Create powerful opting forms for you wp posts & pages – Choose the background colour, customize all of the content using a simple and easy interface that only takes a few seconds. Connect to major autoresponders such as Mailchimp, Aweber & Icontact

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Create stunning lead capture pages from 8 ready templates or build your own. Connect to major autoresponders such as Mailchimp, Aweber & Icontact

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Make high converting squeeze pages in seconds. Chose from 11 backgrounds & 16 opt-in deigns … very easy to use!

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Rapidly create Fb fan pages without any tech skills directly from your WP admin area. Comes complete with stat tracking.

FB Connect Pro $17

Build your list with Facebook Connect. Copy & paste the button code to your site. Connect to your favourite autoresponder such as GetResponse, Mailchimp, Aweber or Icontact.

FB Redirect Pro $27

Add redirect links to your Facebook page – redirect traffic from FB using your own permalinks – very easy to use

FB Survey Pro $27

Create amazing timeline surveys, offer visitors incentives & connect to major autoresponders such as Mailchimp, Aweber & Icontact for lead capture.

FB Webinar $17

Create amazing webinar landing pages – display these right inside Facebook. Easily connect with GoToWebinar

FB Flash Editors $27

Create stunning Facebook page graphics without Photoshop easy to use works inside the WP Admin area.

Instant Niche Ebook $17

The absolute fastest way to turn any blog into a resalable PDF ebook. Complete with article spinner.

Question Optin $27

Micro survey with opt-in. very simple survey optin. Connect to major autoresponders such as Mailchimp, Aweber & Icontact

Spark Engine $197

Simple point & click page creation plugin with full in line editing options & WYSIWYG toolbar.

Timeline Optin Pro $27

Create FB timeline opt-in pages that go viral – 100% customizable.

Video Affiliate Pro $37

Create killer affiliate review pages + add bonuses for affiliate purchases. Connect to major autoresponders such as Mailchimp, Aweber & Icontact

WP Buzz Machine $27

Create viral meme landing pages in seconds in 3 easy steps. Built in meme creator + social sharing

WP Call Directory Pro $9

Create a Toll free call Directory for Off-line clients using Twillo (US)

WP Like Pop $9

Add a neat like pop-up to encourage visitors to like your pages.

WP Media Remix $19

Create viral branded media players with timed actions & autoresponder pops


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