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            • A system whereby users pay for the experience of watching video clips and live streaming TV, listening to podcasts, reading premium content or even playing games.
            • Anyone can turn ANY wordpress site into an WP OnDemand Channel.
            • Includes a variety of payment options.


              Have you ever heard about WP OnDemand? This is the most exciting new product of 2015! Let see this following review to find out more.


              WP ONDEMAND – OVERVIEW

              WP ONDEMAND – WHAT IS IT?

              This one of the most exciting new products I’ve seen in a LONG time! Why?

              For the first time, ANYONE can set up their own WP OnDemand Channel! What is WP OnDemand?

              WP OnDemand is a system whereby users pay for the experience of watching video clips and live streaming TV, listening to podcasts, reading premium content or even playing games.

              WP OnDemand is the PERFECT TURN-KEY BUSINESS! It is one of those few business models that you can literally set up and just sit back while your content earns you money day in, day out!

              WP OnDemand review bonus

              WP ONDEMAND – FEATURES

              WP OnDemand is the most profitable online business model.

              It’s not Online retailing, not Affiliate marketing, not Games, not Apps. But it amounts for more than all those mentioned above – put together!

              The Porn industry led the WP OnDemand revolution but in the last decade, we’ve seen a surge in WP OnDemand services including live TV, sports events, movies, concerts… even tuition, specialist training, educational courses and that’s only touching the surface.

              The problem with WP OnDemand services is that it requires specialist service providers which tend to be incredibly expensive and complicated to set-up and those services typically involve high monthly or annual fees…

              But today everything changes…

              WP OnDemand automatically adjusts to fit any wordpress theme. And set-up is super quick and easy, taking just a few minutes from start to finish!

              With this new WordPress Plugin, anyone can turn ANY wordpress site into an WP OnDemand Channel.

              For the first time, anyone can create their own NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Redbox, XXX or ANY of the other WP OnDemand channels.

              There’s no need to set up a shopping cart or membership site!

              Simply install and activate WP OnDemand and a shortcode generator will appear in the Visual Editor for your pages and posts.

              WP OnDemand includes a variety of payment options:

              • A one-time payment.
              • Pay per-post
              • Pay for a set time of access
              • and, of course, there are flexible subscription payment options too!

              PLUS with WP OnDemand, your viewers can register and login via any of their favorite social networks with a one-click signup through Facebook, Twitter, Google and WordPress.




              Imagine the possibilities…

              Sell specialist courses, tuition and training programs!

              Your own information or entertainment channel Live streaming video events…

              And, WP OnDemand isn’t limited to video…

              With WP OnDemand you can make ANY content ‘OnDemand’ including articles, tutorials, audio clips, podcasts, ebooks and anything else you can dream up!

              This means you can, in effect, use WP OnDemand to create…

              • OnDemand Video libraries
              • OnDemand Live TV stations
              • OnDemand radio stations
              • OnDemand news channels
              • OnDemand online courses
              • OnDemand Podcast Libraries
              • OnDemand eBook Libraries

              It is amazing!

              WP OnDemand is a new premium WordPress plugin that lets you turn ANY wordpress site into your own OnDemand Channel.

              This is revolutionary!!

              Take a look now and grab your WP OnDemand before the price goes up!

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