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WP Social Contact

WP Social Contact

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Customer Support - Turn Around Time

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • Essential WP plugin for every single blog and WP site
  • Use 10 bonuses & promote
  • Guaranteed high conversions
  • Sales copy by a 7-figure copywriter
  • Adds 20+ social ways for visitors and customers to reach you faster!

WP Social Contact is a brand new WordPress plugin that allows you to creates a new way for anyone on your website to reach you using Social Media. Most of your visitors and customers are already on social media, and this product gives you an opportunity to use the power of these platforms to make you more sales.

WP Social Contact Overview

What Is WP Social Contact?

Did you know a huge number of people that come to your website actually want to get in touch with you.

But they don’t end up doing that for 2 reasons…

  1. The contact option is hidden somewhere in the corner.
  2. The boring old contact form with 4 boxes to fill out really is not the most inviting way to ask people to connect.

And that is costing you leads, sales and commissions every day.

So whats the solution?

Introducting: WP Social Contact

Social Contact is a brand new way for your website visitors to connect with you using multiple social channels they already use.

Its fast, its friendly and its a huge problem solved.

The plugin allows you to make more amount in the commissions for all the contests. It will fix your ranking problem and improve videos to page one. WP Social Contact is the push button video backlinks builder that allows you to get more traffic. Now you can easily replace the boring old contact forms. Get rank your videos, free traffic, and new visitors.

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

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How Does WP Social Contact Work?

Special Features of WP Social Contact:

  • Essential WP plugin for every single blog and WP site
  • Make up to $130+ per sale!
  • Use 10 bonuses & promote
  • Guaranteed high conversions
  • Over $7,000 in prizes to win
  • Sales copy by a 7-figure copywriter
  • Adds 20+ social ways for visitors and customers to reach you faster!
  • Hundreds of visitors want to ask questions & buy from you – make it super easy for people to reach you using social channels & buy from you.
  • All your visitors & customers are already on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other social channels.
  • Use the power of existing Social Channels to turn visitors into CUSTOMERS.
  • Old contact forms are boring & no one wants to stare at a blank form and fill it out, they are so dead!
  • Social Contact is how sellers are going to reach visitors & customers in 2017 & if you do not get on this, you’ll be missing out on a lot of sales.


Why Should You Get WP Social Contact Now?

Boring old contact forms are DEAD.

In 2018 – very few people will use them. Meanwhile, social is the NEW WAY ahead.

And WP Social Contact is exactly what your site needs. All you have to do is adding this plugin to your site and add upto 20 different kinds of Social Channels that visitors can use to reach you.

People are calling this the “Plugin of the Year” . This solves a REAL problem.

And when you add this to your site, you make it 10 TIMES easier for people to reach you and convert into a CUSTOMER. That’s where the money is.

More Conversations = More Conversions

That’s the mantra. So add this amazing new plugin to your site today because that’s how its done in 2018.

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Besides, there are an offer for bonuses from both the producer of this product and this very review page for you if you decide to get this product today!!!

Exclusive Bonuses From WP Social Contact

Fast action bonus #1

WP Copy Guard Plugin for Unlimited Sites

Ever had your website content stolen or ripped off by copycats? Now you can easily protect your website from thieves and stop anyone from stealing your content and claiming it to be their own. This is a must have for all wordpress sites. Get this for FREE!

Fast action bonus #2

WP Visitor Converter Plugin – Unlimited Sites

Ever wanted to build an email list but did not know how? No need of expensive software or plugins, this plugin is the perfect solution to building a massive email list from your existing blog or site visitors and convert your traffic into a responsive email list.

Fast action bonus #3

WP Push Convert Plugin for Unlimited Sites

Now you can instantly redirect your visitors based on certain actions they take on your site and send them to more targeted offers or pages on your site (or outside your site). Behaviour based sales works extremely well and this plugin lets you target visitors based on their actions & behaviour.

SPECIAL BONUSES – Pick Only 3 from these

Memberpal WordPress Membership Plugin

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

WP Video Ace Plugin

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

WP Social Traffic

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

WP Tweet Machine 2

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

Trendpressr Plugin Whitelabel

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

REGULAR BONUSES – Use All Or Any Of These You Want

WordPress Delayed Widgets Plugin

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

4 Premium Wallpaper Site WordPress themes

  • Instantly create Wallpaper sites for any niche.
  • Get your wallpaper sites setup in minutes and start profiting from any niche.
  • Easily monetise them with adsense widgets
  • All themes come with full tutorial showing you how to use them

Pinterest Marketing Guide

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

Reddit Marketing Guide

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

Instagram Marketing Guide

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact

Shopify Marketing Guide

WP Social Contact review and bonus - WP Social Contact


WP Left Behind

Using this plugin for dual launches brings you more sales. Use two platforms like Jvzoo and WarriorPlus for your product launch and use this plugin to direct traffic to the right pages and order buttons.

WP IM marketing Graphics

No more will you have to pay huge money to buy graphics for your marketing. This plugin lets you instantly add marketing graphics to any WordPress page or post.

WP Sales Robot

Can you double or even triple your income from the same traffic? Yes now you can. This plugin will dramatically increase your sales conversions on any sales page created using WordPress.

WP Checkout Maximizer

A huge percentage of people add products to their carts but never checkout, its a big problem in ecommerce and this plugin will help you to dramatically increase your sales checkouts using its technology.

WP Feedback Pro

Getting the right feedback from your customers can take your product or website to new heights. This plugin lets you capture effectively the right Feedback from your customers that will become the key your success!

WP Review Me

People buy based on friendly recommendations, that’s why its extremely important to have reviews on your website. This plugin will increase your sales and commissions by skyrocketing your conversions.

WP Cash-O-Matic

Want to earn more cash from your offers? Or want to make more commissions from affiliate offers? This plugin creates cash-o-matic product pages for your own or affiliate offers instantly.

WP Profit Page Creator

Churning out pages that make you profits in the holy grail of internet marketing. This plugin instantly creates money-making pages that are SEO friendly and help you make money.

WP Reports Plugin

Want to know how active your content is? Want to see detailed reports that WordPress does not show you? This plugin displays post and comment activity per blog and per user so you can track which content is more effective for you.

WP Bot Blocker Plugin

Everyday, 100s of hackers try to get into your site. They use BOTS to attack your wordpress sites and you need to be protected. This plugin blocks all bot attacks keeping you secure your hackers


All I can say right now is that the plugin will allow your website visitors to contact you in a whole new way. In short, the old way of having boring contact forms on your website is dead.

Now I hope that all of the information in my WP Social Contact Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you for reading my WP Social Contact Review.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

If you are interested in the product, please click the link below. In case it is not working, it means we are updating it, and we will make it function as soon as possible for you, so please, check it constantly in your most convenient time.

By checking and purchasing the product through our link, you don’t have to spend any extra fee or anything, and we will have some commission to build our review site to provide you more and more honest reviews. Moreover, we will be glad to give you a huge bonus package (free of charge) with every product buying from our link.