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Zap Deals

Zap Deals

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

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Customer support - Turn around the time

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • No hosting, no installation required.
  • Easy To Use.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Deal page creation is only a 3 step process.
  • Easily add social media sharing on your deals to your customers. Social sharing sites includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The fastest and easiest to use deal page creator.

Complete and wide deal showcase area to help you market your product.

An attractive area where you can show the pricing detail for your deal.

A detailed deal statistics that lets you monitor the progress of every item.




Have you been looking for a way to market your products online and dream of the day thousands of dollars worth of sales start pouring in?

Would it be easier for you to get started if you could create a deal page for your product to offer in minutes, and use proven high converting techniques right out the box?

Why use a deal page creator? Because they work! Think about everything you buy online these days. Most purchases come from deal pages.

A combination of the best converting tools online mixed with your product or service on a day page is bound to get your clients jumping to get access

It has worked on you in the past, now it is time to let the deal page work on your visitors!

Let’s me introduce you the Awsome Deal Page Creator:

>>> ZAP DEALS <<<


Zap Deals has done all the hard work for you, now it’s time for you to take your deal to the online world!

This revolution new page creator gives you the ability to make sales and offer products faster and easier than before!

Combine video, attractive and engaging high converting templates with count down timers and discounts to get your customers buying more from you online today!


Zap Deals review and bonus


1. Easy To Use

Very Easy to use. We made it newbie friendly.

No technical knowledge are required for creating deal pages.

2. Create – Save – Publish

Deal page creation is only a 3 step process.

Just login. Using our easy to understand web interface, start creating deal pages.

You can add content, replace images and videos easily.

3. Social Sharing

Easily add social media sharing on your deals to your customers. Social sharing sites includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

4. Statistics

Access statistics from Deal Builder Dashboard and easily TRACK your deal page visitors & conversions.

5. Countdown Timer

Zap Deals review and bonus

Adding a countdown timer increases scarcity. It will help to increase conversions.

6. Opt-in Boxes

We have integrated APIs of GetEesponse, Aweber, Mailchimp so that you can collect leads from Deal Builder.

If you are using a different autoresponder service, don’t worry! We have integrated copy-paste form feature. You can embed ANY autoresponder form through that.

7. Import/Export Deals

You can easily import & export deal pages that you have created & host it on your own server.

8. Easy Video Embed

You can embed Youtube/ Vimeo videos very easily.

9. SEO Friendly

Deal Builder pages are SEO friendly. Add meta keywords, title tags and meta description.

10. Retargeting Friendly

You can put retargeting pixels from Adroll, Facebook, perfect audience easily.

11. Facebook Deal Page

Publish deals on Facebook with just a few clicks

12. Easy Editor

HTML5 live editor to change content and replace images.

13. Any Type Of Deal

You can run any type of deal from affiliate marketing, local businesses and digital deals

14. Thank You Page Builder

Easy to use thank you page builder. Say thank you to your customers in style.

15. Styling Options

Designs are sleek & high converting.

16. Payment URL

You can embed any payment gateway which provides payment link URL from PayPal to Jvzoo, Warriorplus, etc.

17. White Label

Zap Deals review and bonus

You can give access to your clients for them to build their deal pages.

18. Sleek High Converting Design

Designs are sleek & high converting.

Zap Deals review and bonus

Enjoy Sleek and Professionally Designed Deal Pages to Maximize your Earning Potential.

That’s 10 awsome pages to help you boots your sale!!!

E-Course & Ebook

Sell your ebooks or hardbound books online with style.

Use this template to showcase your books to your clients and earn more profit through conversions.

Ecommerce – Gadget

One of the best designed Zap Deals pages for marketing your gadgets and other tech products to your clients. Full-packed with sections to showcase the features.

Restaurant Deals

Entice your customer’s appetite by showcasing great deals and finds.

Equiped with slider section for browsing sumptuous food and other essential deal page sections.

Ecommerce – Mobile

This technology-oriented Zap Deals page designs is the right choice for marketing your products

and showing awesome features of your mobile or tablet deals.

Hotel Deals

Showcase luxury, savings and style in this hotel deal page. Perfect for enticing prospected customers to avail discounted accommodations in your hotel or inn.

Beauty Center Deals

Beauty salons and spas are in demand business in the market today.

That’s why you need this deal page for your salon and spa discounts.

Weight Loss Deals

Sell your weight loss tips, vitamins, capsules or secrets to thousands of clients online wanting to have that slim body.

This is a perfect template to do that.

Window cleaning deals

With high-rise buildings found in almost every major cities in the world window cleaning has become a very in demand service. This template will help you reach out to clients.

Ecommerce – Apparel

From clothes, shoes, bags, accessories this deal page design can help you showcase these products

and get huge conversions in return.

Dental Care

With growing numbers of health conscious individuals almost every service are sought after by thousands of clients. Showcase medical special deals using this template.



If you are an Online Marketer

1. Create Scarcity driven pages in minutes for your:

  • Information products
  • Software products
  • Ecommerce Sites

2. Affiliate Marketing campaign

  • Bonus pages
  • Build Scarcity Using:
  • Countdown Timer
  • Quantity Countdown ticker

3. Retarget visitors using:

  • Facebook
  • Adroll

If you are Offline Marketer

1. Create scarcity pages for your services like

  • Video Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC

2. Build pages for Offline niches with DFY templates like:

  • Dentists
  • Salon
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel & many more

3. Collect Leads for local business & sell it to them

4. Use quantity scarcity

5. Build event based Deal Pages like Black Friday Deal, Christmas Deal Etc.


It’s time for you to join in on the action today maximized your online earning potential

Check out how easy it is to get started today and get earning quickly using Zap Deals simple 3 step Creation to Selling process.

  1. CREATE: Choose from available templates to start creating your deal pages. The number of templates available depends upon your Zap Deals subscription.
  2. PUBLISH: After editing and personalizing the deal page to your liking and product, easily save it so that you can upload it to your server and be ready for some high earning deals.
  3. PROFIT: Enjoy huge profit and earnings on your newly published deal page created fast, easy and without any hassle using this revolutionary system Zap Deals!


No hosting, no installation required

Create… Publish… Profit



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